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Video is ten times more valuable than a picture. Video has become an essential component of marketing plans for companies of all sizes in recent years. It was formerly the domain of large enterprises and organizations, but it’s now a viable, as well as powerful tool to assist firms to get their message out.

In this guide, we’ll look at video marketing, why it’s so important, and the many forms of video material that are appropriate for tiny companies.


Video marketing is the process of connecting with your company’s target audience and promoting your product, service, or brand with specially produced video content. While revenue and service sign-ups are a goal in and of themselves, they may also be used to boost website traffic, encourage social media participation, build overall corporate recognition, and improve customer loyalty.

It may also help firms build better customer service connections. What was once a specialised part of marketing plans has now become prominent as businesses try to be more responsive to changing consumer habits. Consumers want video content from the company they are interested in, so intelligent video marketing strategies must do so.

Promotional videos for your company can be video marketing. They might be overviews of a new product or service that are longer business-to-business videos. They may be short viral video clips shared on social media, or they can belong one-way advertisements. Video may also be used as part of billboard advertising if you’re a large.



In today’s competitive business climate, old-fashioned marketing methods have been replaced by more creative ways of delivering a message. Social media has been a great disruptor, making it simpler to communicate a marketing message while also making it more difficult to stand out in the crowd. Video advertising may help you outperform your rivals and be heard easier.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing video content in your marketing campaign:

Increase sales and conversions

Watching videos is less time-consuming than reading, and as a result, video material has a higher level of engagement than text. People watch videos, become interested in your material, and then make purchase decisions based on what they’ve seen. The longer you can keep potential consumers engaged by your content, the more likely they are to buy.

Video is popular

People are increasingly using the internet to watch videos, and they want it on their social media. By 2022, according to Cisco, 82 per cent of worldwide internet traffic will be generated by video streaming and downloads (2019).

Music videos, ridiculous sketches, dramas, or documentaries are among the most popular kinds of video-based material. Every day, over 100 million people use Google to access the internet. The most popular online platform is YouTube, with users viewing more than 1 billion hours of video content every day on the site. 

Video marketing is the process of connecting with your company’s target audience and promoting your product, service, or brand with specially produced video content. While revenue and service sign-ups are a goal in and of themselves, they may also be used to boost website traffic, encourage social media participation with TikTok ads, build overall corporate recognition, and improve customer loyalty.

Video is portable

According to a study by the World Advertising Research Centre, by 2025, almost three-quarters (72.6 per cent) of internet users will use their smartphones to access the web exclusively. Video content is becoming increasingly popular among them. Text, on the other hand, maybe tough to comprehend on a portable device. 

Video can be shared across platforms

Online, advertising and entertainment are all over the place on social media, with Twitter and Facebook becoming major video-driven platforms. If your company wants to be recognized and shared across social media, video marketing content is critical. Video marketing isn’t simply for social networking sites.


Video may be used in an almost infinite number of ways in marketing. The following are some of the most popular:

Brand Videos

These are videos that are intended to educate people about your company and what you have to offer, whether it’s the end consumer or other businesses. This is your chance to convey the narrative of your brand, list its values, and persuade them that you’re worth their time.

This is also your chance to explain your company’s aim and beliefs, as well as reasons why people should connect with your business. When creating this kind of video, consider why customers should choose your business over others.

Tutorial videos

With a training video, you have the ability to promote your brand and goods while also demonstrating how to use them. This is an excellent soft-sell technique that may attract interested individuals who are not yet customers but wish to learn more about them. DIY or garden stores, for example, create entertaining films instructing you on how to do a specific task.

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Update videos

Is there anything unique that your competition hasn’t invented, such as an adaptation to a new product, a completely new product or a new service? In this situation, an industry update video can be a useful method of introducing your innovation to the public. This form of the film may help you keep your employees up to date on what’s going on in their industry.

Product launches

A product video might be the answer if you’re launching a new product or want to demonstrate how an existing one works. A launch video may be either live or pre-launch, and it may be used to pique client intrigue before the actual launch.


A recording of an event may serve as a notification for an upcoming event, or it can make a permanent record of an event you hosted or were involved in. This may be highlighted by your workers if they participate in a charity activity or volunteer work. Keynote speeches might be recorded if you’re having a conference.


Testimonial videos, which are a great instrument and is frequently used by smaller firms, are a fantastic way to get consumers’ feedback. They’ll usually feature delighted clients expressing their thoughts on your goods or services. These are ideal for getting people from the thinking stage to the purchasing stage.

It may be used in conjunction with other materials to help build trust in your items and brand. A form of testimonial video featuring employees, which will usually be used in recruitment strategies, is one example of this.


Making films for social media is one of the most simple and inexpensive methods for smaller firms to make an impact with video marketing. It can help engagement on your social media channels if you create interesting films that showcase your brand, have a personality, and show off your products and services. Conversions and purchases are the result. Why not contact Eight Engines today to learn more?

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