How do I transfer a number plate from one vehicle to another?

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How do I transfer a number plate from one vehicle to another?

When you change cars, you can transfer the registration of one vehicle to another and retain ownership of your personalised number plate.

If you’re selling your automobile and want to keep the current number plate, you’ll need to get it switched over before you sell it.

You may transfer the registration to another vehicle or a certificate, and then later assign it to another car. The most important thing is to complete this ahead of time. If you sell a car with the registration still on the V5C log book, the new owner will acquire your plate as well!

To transfer your registration mark to a new car, you’ll need to finish a V317 form and send it with the relevant V5C registration certificates (log books) for both vehicles to the DVLA.

If you have just purchased a vehicle and do not yet have the full V5C for it, you should submit a completed V5C/2 New Keeper’s Supplement and a completed V62 form.

The current charge for transferring a registration mark is £80, so include a cheque for this amount made payable to ‘DVLA.’


There are several requirements that must be fulfilled in order for a vehicle to vehicle transfer to be successful. These include:

  • To qualify for a tax-free swap, both the car you are trading in (the donor) and the new vehicle must either hold current MOT and tax; be taxed but not yet MOT tested; or be untested and tax expired fewer than six months.
  • At some point during their life, the cars must undergo vehicle inspection and testing.
  • It’s not legal to pass off a mark as a way to make a car seem newer than it is, for example, by switching an 68 series registration to an 51 registration automobile. You are permitted to utilize an earlier registration number.
  • You can’t move a number plate from a Q-registered vehicle to another Q-register.

If you’re buying a new vehicle, you can certainly transfer your existing number plate to it. This should be no trouble for the car dealership.

The registration for the vehicle that you have surrendered will be replaced with a new age-related registration mark (in most cases, this will be the same as before). Both vehicles will be upgraded to V5C plates, which will include the current registrations. You may now notify your insurance providers of the change and affix the plates to the automobiles.

What is the procedure for changing a car’s number plate to a certificate?

The transfer of a registration from a car to a certificate is referred to as ‘retention.’

If you want to keep the current number plate on your automobile, you must transfer the registration from it BEFORE you sell it.

You can transfer the registration to a certificate, or to another vehicle. The most important thing is to do it ahead of time so that you don’t get caught off guard. If you sell the car with the registration still showing on the V5C log book, the new owner will also acquire your plate!

Complete a V317 form and send it to the DVLA, along with your V5C Registration Certificate and a £80 payment made to “DVLA.”

The V778 Certificate of Retention will be returned to you, as well as a fresh V5C indicating the vehicle’s new registration (as a rule, this will return to the registration that was on the car prior to the private plate). If your registration is due to expire, you can notify your insurance company of the change and attach new plates to the car that correspond with the current V5C.

The V778 is good for ten years, but you may renew it indefinitely.

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To keep a registration, a vehicle must fulfill certain requirements:

  • Both the vehicle and its engine must be roadworthy. If the car is less than six months old, it must have a valid MOT regardless of whether or not it has been taxed.
  • The vehicle must go through an MOT test at some point during its existence.
  • If the words “NON TRANSFERABLE” are placed in Section 3 (special notes) of the V5C, you will lose your registration mark.

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