Best places for a hen do in the UK

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Best places for a hen do in the UK

While a wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life, it is nothing compared to a tumultuous hen do the night before!

A hen do is a must-have for many brides because it is an exciting opportunity to blow off steam, brush off pre-wedding butterflies, and celebrate (as Beyonce would say!) her last day, night, or weekend as a single woman.

A hen party (or bachelorette party by our American cousins) is a term used mostly in the UK and Ireland to refer to the much-celebrated ladies-only celebration before the wedding.

Instead of a one-night hen party, many bridal parties will extend the fun to a whole weekend to fit as many activities as possible before walking down the aisle.

From hiring butlers in the buff to sipping cocktails through straws formed like male anatomy, finding the appropriate place or location for your events might make or break it.

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How to pick the ideal site for your hen do

Weddings are a time-consuming and complicated process, so why should the hen be any different? Choosing the appropriate site is critical to pulling off a truly unforgettable hens’ party, whether you’re the bride herself or the dedicated MoH planning a night to remember.

As the bride’s final night of freedom, you’ll want to pick a great spot and do some fun things. Fortunately, we’ve done all of the time-consuming research so that you may simply concentrate on purchasing large quantities of alcohol, producing matching t-shirts, and securing the best fares.

In the United Kingdom, which is one of the most popular hen do destinations,

With the assistance of Metro, we’ve put up some of the finest hen do destinations in the UK, where questionable fancy dress costumes and L-plate ensembles won’t stand out. Manchester and Liverpool are two of the top 10 hen do destinations in the UK, according to their list. Is this a case of pure coincidence? 

Manchester, dubbed “vibrant and glamorous,” has vast shopping malls as well as soothing spa facilities to wow any hen party. Spend Friday night boozing at a Bierkeller bar, spend Saturday recuperating from the next hangover at a spa, and complete your visit with some mellow Sunday shopping.

Liverpool, with a vibrant nightlife and a plethora of culturally enriching sites, has something special for every kind of hen party. After you’ve had your fill of culture (Liverpool is home to the Tate Liverpool, The Beatles Story, and the Merseyside Maritime Museum), take a trip to our resident Bierkeller for a stein-

The top 10 hen destinations in England, chosen by Metrotown, include seaside locales such as Brighton and Bournemouth, but neither of these locations has a Bierkeller bar. Do you want to take the risk of missing out on a Bierkeller-free hen do? We didn’t think so.


Manchester is a big and bright lighthouse for football fans and cultural enthusiasts alike, located in the north of England. There’s plenty to do in this metropolis, which includes art galleries and museums, as well as legendary sporting grounds such as the Etihad and Old Trafford.

This large, modern shopping centre is home to a huge range of stores and restaurants. It also features an especially wide range of things for couples, including gift ideas for both men and women in Edel Sellers’ newly restored Victorian Market Hall. 

For TV lovers, the Manchester Bierkeller is an easy destination to remember. You could even go to Coronation Street and stand on the famous cobbles – just make sure you bring more than just your stiletto heels if you want to pay them a visit.

Your hen party will be able to relax and enjoy themselves at our Around The World bar, where you can taste global foods and beverages and tipple away with a range of alcoholic beverages. On the second floor, our Bierkeller bar serves up Bavarian cuisine while four bars offer a variety of food and drink options. 

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Next up is Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles, who are widely considered to be one of England’s greatest rock bands. There’s no better hen do location for music lovers than here, since it’s the birthplace of The Beatles, one of England’s best-known brands. A Beatles bus tour is the only way to go for some musical nostalgia.

Do you want to visit the famous River Mersey for a laid-back sunny stroll on your hen do day out? So, go over to the Royal Albert Dock, where you can experience both the historical significance of the city as well as its vibrant culture. Are you looking for information on our Liverpool Bierkeller? 

What about activities? You won’t be disappointed with the large selection of HD televisions and projector screens at this location. To make watching the game on a big screen even more pleasurable, there’s also a huge LED super screen.

Saying ‘I do’ to The Bierkeller

We specialize in catering for large groups who want to have a good time, and we aren’t in the business of turning down rowdy hen parties. In fact, with our Oompah show package deals and table reservations, At Bierkeller, encourage them to party hard.

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