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What are the benefits of using aluminium for automatic gates? Aluminium gates are durable, attractive, and rust-free. It is one of Mother Nature’s true marvels, but it is light and simple to form and cut. It may be welded, bonded, riveted, or bolted together in a variety of ways and will endure decades of little

Aluminium gates may be finished in a variety of ways, including in single colours or with various gorgeous wood patterns.

Why Choose Aluminium for your automatic gates?

Aluminium may be cut, moulded, and built to appear identical to high-end wooden or steel gates. Various full-grain wood textures and steel and iron finishes are available, as well as smooth surfaces in a variety of RAL colours including grey, green, white, blue, and black.

The high-quality construction and attractive, natural look of aluminium gates make them the ideal choice for a wide range of settings. They will not rust, rot, bend, or twist after years of use and just need to be cleaned with water on a regular basis to keep their appeal.

Longevity of aluminium gates

StarGatesUK‘s aluminium gates come with a protective top layer that gives them the appearance and design of your chosen gates while also providing a sturdy finish. These finishes all adhere to the rigorous quality standard for aluminium coatings, ensuring that StarGatesUK’s aluminium gates are free of any defects for ten years.

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The lightweight aluminium makes it simpler to open and shut the gates, making them safer and more cost-effective. StarGatesUK’s aluminium gates also come with a variety of locking and alarm options to always keep your home or business property safe.

If you’re looking for top-quality, durable, and attractive automatic gates that will not only stand the test of time but brighten up any space, opt for StarGatesUK’s aluminium automatic gates today. With their unbeatable quality and functionality, they are the ideal choice for any setting!

There are many benefits to using aluminium for automatic gates, including its durability, attractiveness, rust resistance, and ease of use. Whether you need an elegant gate for your home or a security gate for your commercial property, StarGatesUK has a wide selection of high-quality aluminium automatic gates that are sure to meet


Aluminium alloys are light and durable, making them superior to steel or wood gates of the same weight. This implies they don’t require hinges or locks capable of handling heavier gates. Aluminium is also a good conductor of electricity, so it can be used in conjunction with other electronic systems such as automatic gate openers.

Customisable gates

Aluminium gates are available in a range of styles to suit any home or business. If you need a specific style or design, our team can create customised gates to your specifications.

Aluminium is also an excellent material for solar power applications. Solar cells can be installed on aluminium gates to provide power for the electronic components, making them more environmentally friendly.

Aluminium gates are a great choice for any home or business owner looking for attractive, durable, and low-maintenance gates. Contact StarGatesUKtoday to discuss your needs.



Aluminium gates are one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance gate materials available, based on usage life, maintenance requirements, and purchase price. Thanks to their superior durability and attractive design, aluminium gates can save you money in both the short and long term.

If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance automatic gate solution that will stand up to the test of time, look no further than aluminium! Whether you want an attractive wooden or steel finish, Aluminium is your ideal choice. With its lightweight construction, easy installation process, and affordable price point, it’s a clear winner when it comes to automatic gates. So why wait? Invest in aluminium today!

Do you have any questions about aluminium gates or are thinking of installing one? Let us know in the comments below!

Why aluminium is the best choice for automatic gates

Aluminium is a lightweight, low-maintenance material that offers the following advantages to other gates materials:

Wooden gates

Wood, unlike aluminium, requires regular upkeep to retain its natural beauty. Wooden gates must have the old flaking coats removed and new varnishes, preservatives, or paint applied on a periodic basis. Wood may bend, split, decay, and warp over time, making it difficult to open or close your doors.

Fixings for iron and steel are frequently used on wooden gates, and they must be oiled or greased to ensure that they glide freely. At the same time, new paint is often applied. 

Aluminium gates vs steel gates

Although steel is more durable than wood, it still needs to be shielded from the elements with paint or powder coating. If not cared for properly, steel will rust and corrode.

Galvanised steel is less likely to corrode, but it is also more expensive. Steel may also dent or warp over time, making it difficult to open or close your doors.

Just like with wooden gates, fixings for iron and steel are frequently used on steel gates. These must be oiled or greased regularly to ensure that they glide freely, and new paint is often applied.

Aluminium offers many advantages over wood and steel gates, including being lighter weight, easy to care for, and more cost

Steel gates

Steel and iron gates have intricate designs that make them difficult to keep clean and look good. Steel and iron are heavier than aluminium, therefore much stronger fittings are needed when they are installed.

Automated aluminium gates are lightweight and require less force to operate, making them safer. Higher-power motors consume more electricity, so more powerful motors are required when automating heavier gates. The lightweight of automated aluminium gates also makes them safer since lower forces are needed to open and close them. Aluminium is a clean material that doesn’t require regular upkeep like wood. It also doesn’t need to be painted as often as steel or iron.

When you choose aluminium for your automatic gates, you are choosing a low-maintenance, safe, and strong solution that will look great and last for years. Aluminium

In conclusion, aluminium is an excellent material for manual or automatic gates. So, why not consider the best replacement for traditional gate materials that will be equivalent in price, look as good, require less upkeep, and are cheaper to run? Why not contact StargateUK today.

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