What are the different types of oilfield injuries that you may suffer from?

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What are the different types of oilfield injuries that you may suffer from?

While it is true that oilfields provide the country with some of the best-paying occupations, that demand six-figure salaries, it is also true that these are the spots of some severe accidents as well. Oilfield jobs are not 9-5 jobs as the employees have to work for long hours and put in intensive labor in order to obtain high pay. 

In case of injuries, an oilfield accident lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim but before you rush to him, you should educate yourself on the various types of oilfield accidents that may occur to you if you’re an oilfield worker. 

Oilfield Explosions – What are the most common causes?

Just as in several other preventable accidents within the oil and gas industry, oilfield accidents usually result from unsafe and improper drilling processes, defective equipment, and an inability to follow safety practices. Here are a few common reasons behind the occurrence of oilfield explosions:

  • Fires

Even a tiny spark from a welding tool can lead to a fire in case it comes in contact with volatile liquids or gases that are present in an oilfield. There are high chances of explosions whenever the flames spread toward pipelines, storage tanks, or any other infrastructure that carries hazardous substances.

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  • A malfunctioning tool

The heavy machinery and equipment that are required for tasks like drilling need to go through daily maintenance in order to function effectively and safely. Even if there is a small leak from a dilapidated pipeline or damaged tank, this can lead to an explosion if it gets in contact with the source of ignition. 

  • Blowouts of wells

Whenever the pressure control system of a well fails to work properly, this can lead to a blowout, resulting in an explosion of gas, oil, and debris directly from the well. In case there is a spark that comes in contact with the escaping gas and oil, this can trigger a blowout. 

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  • Insufficient training of workers

A worker who is improperly trained is always a risk for every other worker in an oilfield. This is why oil and gas operators have to make sure that all workers meet the definite training demands for a job. A dearth of experienced workers along with a rush of production deadlines can lead to new hires who are not properly trained for the jobs. 

  • Not being able to abide by industry regulations

Although it is true that the oil and gas industry is subject to rules and regulations that are introduced to safeguard the workers from an unsafe environment, oilfield accident lawyers come across cases where workers disobey the claims. Unsafe procedures and conditions will boost the likelihood of an explosion, fire, or accident in the oilfield. 

So, if you or your loved one has been tragically killed or critically injured in an oilfield accident, it is crucial for you to take steps to protect your rights along with your future. Get hold of an experienced attorney for professional assistance.