8 Reasons to Work in the UAE

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8 Reasons to Work in the UAE

In today’s world, the country in which you were born is no longer important. An active person with knowledge and skills does not have to take a low-paying job in his or her own country. You can look for more attractive options abroad. For a long time developed European countries and USA were leaders by quantity of labor migrants. It was here that citizens of poorer powers flocked in search of a better life, a job with a decent salary. Most of them wished to stay permanently in the state of their dreams, not wanting to return to their homeland. Both Europe and the United States gave many foreigners the opportunity to obtain citizenship, until the situation began to tilt in the direction of infringing on the rights of locals. This is especially evident in European countries, which suffer from economic crises, terrorist attacks, etc.

For a long time now, Europe and the United States have stopped being the focus of labor migrants, because a new player has appeared on the scene: the United Arab Emirates. Today this country, or more precisely one of its regions – Dubai – is very popular among those who want to change their place of residence. Dubai is a truly universal region, because people here can realize themselves as entrepreneurs and migrant workers. 

Layboard.in  has prepared for you 8 advantages for immigrants to work in Dubai.

1. Opening an account in a UAE bank

The multitude of opportunities offered.

Usually, when choosing a country for permanent residence, a foreigner already knows what he wants to get: a favorable business environment, high income, employment, the opportunity to live in a rich, safe country, access to good and affordable real estate, etc. But the Arab Emirates is unique in this respect, as it provides expats with almost unlimited opportunities for a life free of poverty in this country both as an entrepreneur, as a hired worker and as a enjoying life as a rich person who has invested money in local real estate. All three ways will allow you to live in Dubai for at least two years, enjoying the high standard of living and safety of this region, year-round access to beach vacations and much more. By obtaining a residency visa, you get almost equal rights with citizens and, if you adhere to UAE law, you will live here for more than a decade.

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2. Financial benefits (salary, business income, taxes, banks).

High-class specialists can count in Dubai not only on excellent salaries, but also on additional bonuses: health insurance, tickets for home visits, company housing and a car, etc. Excellent financial benefits can also get businessmen who open a company here. The standard of living of the people of Dubai, as well as tourists coming here, is extremely high, so with the right approach to business, you can count on an excellent profit. The UAE is a tax-free jurisdiction, so both businessmen and employees do not fear that taxes will eat up a good part of their profits. Among the financial advantages of Dubai is a well-developed banking sector, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your savings.

3. The real estate market is constantly developing.

For the past 10 years, construction in Dubai has not stopped, new residential and commercial buildings are constantly being erected. All this has led to the fact that in the emirate there is no shortage of either office space or housing. Foreigners not for the first year have the right to buy property in certain areas and take full ownership rights: to rent, resell, bequeath to their heirs. The cost per square meter varies. It all depends on the size of the room, its age, the area in which the housing is located, etc. Real estate in the seaside areas and in the center is much more expensive than in other sectors. But no matter how it is, it is easy enough to choose a suitable option for real estate, both for life and for business at a reasonable price. If you do not want to buy it, you can always rent it.

4. The ease of obtaining a resident visa.

Immigrants working abroad often complain that they have to stay as illegals, because the legislation of the country where they work does not provide for a temporary visa. The Arab Emirates solved this problem when they introduced the residency and investor visas, documents that allow businessmen who have opened a firm in the UAE, the employees of Dubai firms and owners of expensive real estate to live in Dubai for 2 or 3 years. The businessmen and owners of the real estate, more expensive than 1 million dirhams, independently make out the visa, but the hired workers are waiting until such a document will be executed for them by the management of the company in which they are going to work. Resident visa and investor visa does not require any special papers (you will mainly need identification documents) and is issued in a week or two.

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5. High level of security.

All large cities, especially those with large immigrant populations, have security problems. Dubai, on the other hand, has not followed the example of megalopolises and remains one of the safest cities in the world. Serious crimes such as murder or rape are extremely rare here, most incidents are petty thefts, and even then they are committed only in some not-so-rich regions. The city is patrolled by many police officers, so you can walk around at any time of the day. And the fairly severe penalties imposed on criminals stop those who intend to break the law. Families with young children especially enjoy living in such a safe city.

6. The high standard of living.

Generally speaking, Dubai is considered a city of contrasts: poor immigrants working on construction sites and living in poor conditions on the one hand, and the rich living in villas by the sea or in luxury city penthouses on the other. And yet, the standard of living in Dubai for most residents is extremely high, not only UAE citizens, but expats as well. That is why in the United Arab Emirates you can make a good career, build a successful business and get rich. In addition, people living in Dubai can enjoy all the benefits of a poor region: well-developed health, education and the banking system, entertainment opportunities, etc.

7. Low prices for a lot of things.

The benefits of living in Dubai Recently, Dubai has become a popular destination for shopping tours. And this is no accident, because here you can find many things and services at low prices: clothes, furs, leather goods, cars, cab services, servants and babysitters, computers and household appliances, etc. Expats who live here say that food is not expensive either, and there is an abundance of it in stores and markets, so if you are going to cook on your own, you won’t have any problems. Those who are going to drive their own car will definitely like the cost of fuel, which is much cheaper here. However, some groups of goods and services are very expensive. For example, in Dubai real estate is not cheap, especially – new buildings. Expats do not like the ban on the free sale of alcohol, which leads to the fact that restaurants and bars jack up the prices of alcoholic beverages.

8. It is unnecessary to learn difficult Arabic.

The Arabic language is quite difficult, especially the written one. Fortunately for expats, it is possible to live in Dubai, do business here and work in a well-paid position with a good knowledge of English. Without exception, all locals know English, documentation is often conducted in two languages, road signs, menus in cafes and many other things are understandable for English-speaking citizens. True, in order not to encounter problems in Dubai, you will have to pull up knowledge of English (both oral and written) to a high level. But your children can learn not only English but also Arabic, as this subject in all private schools is compulsory. Fortunately, there are no exams in it.

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