Online Learning Apps Every Teacher Should Know

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With online learning becoming more and more common, technology has become vital for education. In classrooms around the world, both teachers and students are relying more on computers and apps to aid in content mastery and projects. In fact, the majority of teachers and students use technology every day as a regular part of their learning.

In an age when options of tech for teachers are seemingly endless, you may need some help sorting through the best online learning apps. If so, keep reading for the tops teacher apps for the upcoming school year.

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A buzzword in education these days is gamification, which takes learning tasks and turns them into play. Competition is a component, whether between students or against themselves.

The Kahoot! app is a great way to turn test review into a fun competition. It’s also useful as a formative assessment tool to see where your students are with content mastery.


Using NearPod turns any lesson into an interactive digital activity. There is also an extensive library of pre-made lessons, or you can create your own from websites, PDFs, or Google Slides.

Throughout the lesson, students will complete pre-assessments, watch videos, and complete readings. Students engage with the material through activities, games, and projects.


If you want to encourage discussion between your students, whether in the classroom or while learning virtually, consider using Flipgrid.

Teachers post a discussion prompt related to the class material and content. Students post their responses by recording themselves on video. You can include additional resources for students to review before posting their videos.


SpellWizard is best suited for younger students who may struggle to use technology independently. It focuses on trying to help younger students establish a strong foundation in spelling, typing, and reading fluency.

Both parents and teachers are able to track their students’ progress and growth through the app. Students are able to choose their level and progress to more difficult tasks as they learn.

Even if you’re not doing virtual learning this year, students can use Spellwizards to work on skills as homework.

Class Dojo

While Class Dojo isn’t specifically a learning app, it’s an incredibly useful tool for teachers to create a positive classroom culture. Teachers are able to give students feedback on work and classroom behavior, communicate with parents, and track student progress.

Students are able to use Class Dojo to compile their work into portfolios as well. Students can then use their portfolios during conferences to showcase their projects and growth throughout the year!

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If you have students that are interested in coding and web development, consider letting students explore Angular. Students can practice more technical skills and creating apps and animation. You can read more on template variables and other features on their website.

The Best Online Learning Apps For Education

There are almost endless teaching and learning apps available to teachers these days. Your content, students, and available technology will help you to decide which online learning apps are best for you. The end goal is to see your students grow and learn by using the most up-to-date technology available!

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