Boost Your Business’ Productivity With Project Management Technologies

Juliet D'cruz

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In June of 2020, just a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, 42% of the workforce was working remotely.

The swift move to remote work drastically improved the physical and mental health of people across the country. Some sectors even found remote work to be more efficient.

For many project managers, however, work became more of a challenge. But those with efficient project management technologies were able to bridge the gap with ease.

As the pandemic continues to threaten more lockdowns, learning to work in a remote way is critical to business success.

Here’s what project management software can do to improve your operation.

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Collaboration is one of the major keys to success in projects. Proper communication will ensure work is not being duplicated and everyone is performing as expected.

But today’s workplace has employees scattered across the globe. Collaboration can be a challenge when team members can’t head to the next cubicle to chat.

The right business technology strategies can create a collaborative environment though. It can provide a space for team members to exchange messages and ideas. It also provides a space for them to share work with each other and with others in the organization.

Planning and Goals

The ability to communicate can’t solve every issue, however. Work can suffer if employees are not clear on their individual and organizational goals. Business management software can help teams plan out phases of a project and track progress towards track progress towards OKR goals.

OKR software, short for Objective and Key Results, is one of the best technologies to increase productivity. Employees are more productive when they have a clear idea of what their goals are and what strategies they should use.

With OKR software, a project manager can outline organizational and individual goals with transparency. This encourages an increase in communication as well. It will also help you determine early on if goals begin to shift off track.

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Resource Management

The danger of scope creep is real. Fortunately, project management technologies can help here as well. They can track resources and budgets to prevent projects from becoming too lofty.

Resource management software is another piece of the puzzle in managing projects in the new, remote world. Overhead costs were previously very clear when each employee worked in the office, but remote work has changed that.

With office savings from remote workers, project management software can help you keep your budget low. It can also better assist you in reallocating the savings.

The Necessity of Project Management Technologies

Projects can get off track when team members face communication problems or are unsure of their goals. Budgeting contributes an additional challenge.

However, with the right project management technologies, project managers can track every aspect of a project, resulting in a happy client and a happy employer.

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