Invoke the Right Impressions with Well-Designed Real Estate Banners

Juliet D'cruz

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The real estate industry hardly witnesses turndowns across the world. People always search for properties, and companies dealing with real estate need to promote their buildings to targeted potential buyers effectively to get the desired response. 

There are multiple ways to reach out to potential clients. However, the traditional method of banner advertising is still unbeatable. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you need to create the correct banner design that is not only attractive but captures the essence of your brand too. 

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Tips for creating the right banner design for real estate properties 

Keep in mind the following tips for real estate banners-

  1. Template – The template should be professionally designed so that it is eye-catching and looks pleasing. Thanks to the presence of several banner design companies, you can now get ready-made templates online.

 You can choose the banner template of your choice and tweak its colour, theme, font style, size etc. A professional template will boost the sales of your real estate company. 

  1. Embrace a potent colour scheme – Marketing professionals emphasize the importance of colour. When you use colours for your real estate banner, never be afraid to mix and match them. 

Select colours that complement each other or are contrasting in nature. The banner will be more visible to people passing by. Remember, less is more, so stick to one or two colours. Choose a monochromatic colour scheme. You can choose an extra colour to be an accent colour for the banner. 

  1. Optimize fonts – While using fonts, do not use too many of them. Use a single font for the copy of the body and sub-heading of your banner. Use one for your banner’s headline, one for your sub-heading and a third font for your body’s copy. You can also reduce the above to two fonts.

The font used should be readable from a distance. It should relate to the headline and be big and easy for everyone to see. The font of the text of the body and the sub-heading should be smaller. They focus on the details of the advertisement like the market value for rent, where the property is located and other important statistics. 

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Ensure the banner’s text colour contrasts with its background for people to read easily. 

  1. Space – Your banner design should have sufficient space around the text. If the text is too crowded, it will be hard for people to read. You risk losing your targeted audience here. 

With your real estate banner design, icons or images are a great way to reach out to the targeted audience. They can be blended in well with the text, are illustrative and colourful at the same time. Instead of placing large volumes of text in your banner, use icons or images to express the same message to the targeted audience. 

Your real estate banner design should be of the right size and placed in a visible location. People can easily see it and contact you for the property advertised with success