Will Car Stickers be damaging to Your Vehicle?

Juliet D'cruz

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Car stickers are in vogue nowadays. Whether you are simply cheering for your favourite sporting team or trying to show off your business brand logo, car stickers can be used for all these purposes by ensuring maximum impact. There are car body stickers, bumper stickers, and window stickers available of various sizes and shapes. With custom printing technologies, it is now possible to make car decals in any imaginable way.

However, as fun as these small cute things maybe, car stickers may also be damaging if you don’t use them properly. Bumper and window stickers can harm your car’s paint, and they will also cause damage if you don’t apply or remove these in the right way.

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Stickers on adverse weather conditions

You need to use strong adhesive in bumper stickers for withstanding adverse weather conditions, intensive car washes, and normal aging. Bumper stickers can become less damaging on the paint over the years when you use them properly. Either way, it’s riskier to affix bumper stickers on the glass windshield.

Any such stickers you want to put on the car surface or window should be paint and glass friendly not to cause any damage to your vehicle. Any stickers you consider for the bumper must be specifically marketed for the same purpose, which is the same in the case of window stickers. Never use any standard basic paper car stickers on the vehicle, which will ultimately damage the paint.

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Removing the stickers 

It is also essential to carefully consider how you remove the stickers from the vehicle surface. The method you use will determine whether it will cause any damage to the vehicle or not. If you are not careful about the removal process and do it carelessly, as ripping the stickers hastily, you are highly likely to take off the paint.

There are many methods for perfect removal of the adhesives on the vehicle. For example, you can use the warming method, in which the sicker and the surface is heated lightly with a hot air blower or even using a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive and then peel off the sticker slowly. You can use some products like glass cleaner or some glass sticker remover solutions to remove them from the windows. To get it done smoothly, you can also use credit cards for removing stickers.

No matter what approach is used to apply or remove the car stickers, it is vital that you plan it well and use the most appropriate method to do it the right way. Be relaxed and do the process slowly and ensure the work is done neatly. Do not use sharp objective like blades or razors for removal, which will cause damage to your paint. If you are not sure of how to do the sticker application and removal process, it is advisable to approach a professional service provider to do it for you.

It’s also crucial to think about how you’ll remove the stickers from the vehicle’s surface. The strategy you use will influence whether or not the vehicle will be damaged. You are highly likely to remove the paint if you are not careful with the removal process and do it carelessly, such as peeling the stickers quickly.Nowadays, car decals are very popular. Car stickers can be used for a variety of purposes, including cheering for your favourite sports team or displaying your company’s emblem, all while guaranteeing maximum effect.