How can I track my MNP status on the mobile phone?

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the phone getting disconnected due to low balance. It sometimes brings a lot of embarrassment, especially if it is a formal call with a client or even a colleague.


The need of porting to a reliable and pocket-friendly postpaid connection is often felt by many of us. The majority of people in India are prepaid customers as getting a prepaid SIM is easy and the packs are also much affordable. However, one of the challenges that most people come across is having to recharge the mobile prepaid account every now and then, and also the phone getting disconnected due to low balance. It sometimes brings a lot of embarrassment, especially if it is a formal call with a client or even a colleague.

Therefore, to stay away from all such situations, you can switch to a postpaid connection. And if you intend to choose Airtel postpaid connection, then the process is even easier. Here are a few of the steps that you need to follow:

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  • The first step will require you to visit the Airtel website
  • Once you are on the website, you have to click on the Postpaid tab and as you click on it, the drop-down will appear from which you have to select ‘Port to Airtel’.
  • Now you will be at a page where you will come across several introductory postpaid plans from which you can choose anyone. You can change the plan later if you want.
  • Once you are sure about the plan you are going to choose, you can click on ‘Buy’ and then follow it by confirming the port-in request.
  • As the port-in request is placed, you will be contacted by an Airtel executive who will schedule a time that you are comfortable with and may even confirm your address. These information are collected by the executive so that the free SIM card can be delivered to your doorstep and all the required KYC documents along with the Unique Porting Code can be collected from you.
  • At this stage, the current provider will send you a notification and as the process is completed, the provider will send another notification
  • Now the new Airtel postpaid SIM card can be inserted into your smartphone and you can enjoy the service.

How do I track my MNP status on my phone?

Tracking MNP status is quite important as we all get curious to know when the process will be completed. Well, since you are porting to Airtel postpaid, you can track your MNP status through Airtel Thanks App. Here are the steps:

  • You first need to install the Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Now login to the App using your current mobile number and your Unique Porting Code
  • Once you log in to the App, you will be able to track the current status of your MNP.

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If the number is being ported to Airtel postpaid within the same state, it will not take more than 48 hours. However, before you start the process of porting, you must know that the payment to your current provider has to be cleared if you are currently a postpaid customer. If there is any overdue with your current provider, the port-in will take time or may even get canceled. So, if you are all set to port your number to Airtel postpaid, visit the Airtel website to apply for the same.