Can Driving Fatigue Be One Of The Reasons For Accidents?

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Can Driving Fatigue Be One Of The Reasons For Accidents?

Many people love long drives. There is no doubt that long drives offer a respite from the long, tiring daily life routines. However, if a person drives for a very long time without any break, fatigue is sure to set in. The act of driving demands a lot of concentration and focus. The brain tires out easily when a driver stays focused for a very long time. 

Many people even feel dizzy after driving for a few hours. Unfortunately, this also becomes a reason for accidents on the road. Many times these accidents are fatal enough to be life claiming. Losing control of the steering wheel for a moment can be dangerous.  

If you ever feel fatigued while driving, make sure to take some rest. After all, reaching your destination cannot be more important than your safety. 

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When Does A Driver Feel Fatigued?

The duration of driving is indeed one of the direct reasons for feeling tired. However, sometimes, people feel fatigued due to many other reasons as well. The followings are some of the reasons that might trigger a feeling of weariness while driving.

Long Hours Driving

This is the most obvious reason for feeling worn out while driving. When you have managed the steering wheel for five or six hours without a break, you will feel tired. The best would be to take brief respites of at least 5 to 10 minutes after every two hours of relentless driving. Especially, on highways, driving becomes pretty boring, and the monotony translates into fatigue, followed by dizziness.

Health Issues

One might have health issues, while tiredness may set in. If you are not in the best of your health or have been suffering from a disease for quite some time, driving can make you tired. People suffering from chronic diseases often find two hours of driving very tiring. Therefore, if you are not as healthy as you should be, restrict your driving hours to drive safely.  

Inadequate Sleep

The last night’s sleep can be another parameter for cautious driving. If you have not slept well the last night, fatigue will overwhelm you after a short driving stretch. Talk to people in the car, listen to music, or at least keep splashing water on your face from time to time to abstain from falling asleep. With a sleep craving body, one should avoid driving at all.

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Mental Hazards

We all go through our share of rough times at some time. Mental hazards can be another reason for mental fatigue, triggering physical tiredness. If you are constantly bothered about something, your mind will find its rescue and make you feel tired to thrust you into a state of slumber. Our mind takes a rest when we sleep. Eschew driving cars for long hours while under mental stress.

Driving can be a rejuvenating experience as long as you can maintain your safety on the road. Drive carefully with a fully aware mind to keep accidents at bay.

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