Why Your Department Needs to Automate Financial Planning

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Why Your Department Needs to Automate Financial Planning

Introducing automated financial planning software into your department can improve budgetary control and planning, while at the same time reducing the time spent on it. Financial planning within your department is obviously highly important – yet at the same time record keeping, compliance, accurate budgeting and forward planning are all tasks that keeps you and your staff away from more productive activities. Financial planning software like Advice Intelligence (ai) offers a range of features that coordinates, calculates and allows full visibility of your department’s financial affairs in the one platform and is accessible on any device from any location.  

Accurate financial planning and budget control

Financial forward planning for your department ensures that your department progresses and grows in line with company’s expectations. Accurate projections are more likely with the use of a system like ai that allows direct input during planning and budget meetings and instant automatic calculations and projections. Changes can be made on the spot that better reflect your departments financial plans. Linking your customer relation management (CRM) system with your automated financial planning makes sure your budget is completely aligned with customer and department goals. 

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Increased efficiency and visibility

Financial planning software provides full visibility of interactions, advice and updates. As well as client portals, your department’s financials can be accessed easily by management to allow a quick sign off and approval for all budgetary decisions. Your planning software makes EOFY and closing off quarterly earnings quicker and more accurate. Documents such as SOAs are automatically generated and sent with the touch of a button. Time and money saved on administrative tasks can be put towards more productive tasks that directly contribute to your core business. 

Reduce risk on compliance and analysis 

Continual changes in regulatory compliance creates risk for your firm. Financial planning software reduces risk by reviewing and auditing your finances and provides alerts for licence renewals and other compliance factors. Automated software generates massive amounts of data that is recorded and analysed in configurations that suit your business needs. This data and analysis can help you understand your financial habits and position and can be used to make business decisions that improve the company performance. 

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Interactive financial planning

Applications within the software can be used to centralise information about your department and clients. This information can be accessed from your phone, or any other device where-ever you may happen to be, increasing the ability to make decisions in a timely manner. Your finances won’t be controlled by whether you can be in the office, or on who can attend meetings in a specific location. Being able to work interactively with the software means you can react to real time events in your department’s favour. 

Financial planning software like ai offers many features that can improve your department’s financial position through automated planning and control. Easy analysis, interactive financial plans, mobile apps for instant access and data storage systems come together in a handy package that will increase your bottom line while streamlining the performance of your department.   

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