Best Places to Visit in Korea for Newly Couples

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Welcome to another blog post on the best places in Korea. This is a list of a survey from a travel application. It isn’t what I made up. The best time to visit Korea is March to May, September to November, spring, and fall respectively. Winters and summers are dramatically cold or hot. Let’s highlight some of the top places in Korea.

Han River 

If England has the Thames River and Korea has the Han River Seoul has been built around the Han River and the home prices around this area are expensive from a long time ago this place has been the center for politics economy and culture. An awesome Park has been made here which makes a great place for citizens to have a picnic they also opened many cultural events here what it’s famous for is the evening food trucks concerts which are held in that vicinity from time to time. The Han River appears in a lot of Korean dramas. They deliver chicken to this Park you can cook, eat them young and you can ride the ferry and the night ferries are famous for proposals.

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National Museum 

It is also one of the famous places in Korea. This place is similar to the Francis Louvre Museum, it is Korea’s biggest museum. The museum is very clean and admissions are free. This museum is known as Korea’s treasure closet. A beautiful park surrounds the museum. So, it is a great place to have a picnic if you were to take a good look around inside the museum. They say it takes about a week to see it all. It is vast.

Young doe

It is a part of Korea but quite unlike Korea, one bad thing about this place is that creating street foods is expensive. It turned into a shopping street aimed at foreigners. You can hear more Chinese than Korea it might be a place where foreigners might feel at home.

 Jeju Island

Korea’s Guam or Hawaii is a perfect island vacation spot. You can get there in one hour on a plane from Seoul. The whole island is part of korean heritage site therefore it is very precious nature is the most beautiful part of the island.

Hala, Ciroc & North Mountain

These are Korea’s famous mountains and National Parks Hala Mountain is 1947 meters in height, Sarang Mountain is 1708 meters and a North Korean Mountain is 845 meters. These are Korea’s vast mountains and these are very beautiful mountains. So, they say when you type these mountains you’ll be amazed at their beauty on the mountains. There are Buddhist temples so you can experience Korean tradition.

Kim Bo-Kyung

This place is a very well renowned palace. It’s higher in ranking, it is much bigger and more awesome. In this palace, there is a place where a king has been running the government. A place where vassals have been living and there are so many rooms. That is very big, this is a place where many foreigners come to visit in this area. There are many traditional Korean streets where people can see the culture and experience the culture firsthand.

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War Memorial of Korea

Korea is in its resting phase from war. This memorial has been built in remembrance of Korea’s history. There is a statue of two brothers who were separated during the war, one became a North Korean soldier and the other a South Korean soldier. This is where they confronted each other. There is also a statue of the UN who came to the aid of South Korea and there are places for condolences and sympathy for foreigners, who have lost their lives in battle. Korea’s freedom was the result of many people’s blood. It is a place where we can feel sympathy.

I highly suggest you go there with your family and friends. If you have any questions regarding this web journal you can ask in the comment box.


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