Avoid a Fatal Flaw: What Is Carpet Underlay?

Juliet D'cruz

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What is better than coming home from a long day, kicking off your shoes, and sinking your bare feet into the carpet? If you’ve ever experienced this sensation, you know carpet is one of the most comforting floor options available.

However, there is more to achieving this comfort than just the carpet. A major aspect of quality carpeting is what’s going on beneath the top layer.

It’s called carpet underlay. Underlay is arguably as important as the carpet itself. So, before you make the fatal flaw of installing carpet without it, you need to understand what underlay is about.

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What Is Carpet Underlay?

Carpet underlay, also called carpet padding, is the material underneath the floors. Padded underlay should be in every carpeted room in your house. This material serves a variety of purposes.


The foremost benefit of underlay is to protect the carpet from the hard floor beneath. Carpet takes quite a bit of wear and tear, particularly in high-traffic areas.

These many footfalls put stress on the carpet. Non slip carpet underlay will keep it from rubbing and ease stress. Less wear leads to longer-lasting carpet


This benefit is one of the major reasons so many people enjoy carpets. The padding is germane to comfort.

In fact, the padding is more responsible for the soft feel than the carpet you choose. The padding absorbs the shock of footsteps. The result is the soft, comforting, and springy feeling on your feet.

Noise Reduction

Carpet floors, unlike hardwood or tile, have a unique ability to reduce noise. However, this benefit is largely thanks to the underlay. Upstairs rooms that carry sound need this upgrade.

There is even soundproof carpet underlay that is designed to cut acoustic reverberation.

What are the Styles of Underlay?

With the benefits in mind, it’s time to look at the styles of carpet floor underlay. The outlay on your home will dictate the padding you choose. There are a number of options. Below we will look at what to consider.


Bonded and synthetic are the two main types of carpet underlay material. Bonded is the most common in houses. It’s a multi-colored padding made from recycled materials. It’s a cheap, comfortable, and green option. However, it does break down over time.

Alternatively, synthetic padding is more expensive, but it’s far more durable. Synthetic is best suited for commercial spaces that have a lot of traffic.

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Underlay density is rated by the pound. The higher the pound count, the firmer the padding. This translates to better support, comfort, and durability.

Three to five pound density is on the lower end. The most popular option is eight pounds for houses.

Find Your Perfect Underlay

Hopefully, you saw this guide before you made the fatal flaw of ignoring carpet underlay. Now, the only question should be which underlay is perfect for your home.

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