5 Signs Your Commercial Building Roof Needs Repairs

Juliet D'cruz

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Do you suspect your commercial building roof has an issue? Are you unsure whether to take action?

One area of commercial buildings is often overlooked until it is too late: the roof. But the longer you leave roof repairs, the more costly and damaging they can be. The average commercial building roof replacement cost depends on the type but can cost over 15 dollars per square foot.

Most commercial building roof types can last around 30 years with regular maintenance. Protect your business and wallet by taking action fast when you notice one of these five signs you need roof repairs.

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  1. Leaks and Moisture

If you notice water stains or mold on the ceiling or walls, it could be from the roof. You might also notice musty or damp odors, which indicates there is a leak. It is best to get commercial roofing contractors to inspect the roof to determine whether it is responsible for the leaks.

  1. Damaged Commercial Building Roof

You may notice rusting, sagging areas, bubbles, open seams, cracks, and other visible damage. There are various causes of these issues, including extreme weather events such as storms.

Water breaching the protective roof coating is usually responsible for rusting and bubbles. If you ignore these signs, water will start to leak inside your building. Sagging areas of the roof can be due to moisture or roofing materials needing to be replaced.

  1. High Energy Bills

Your commercial building roof will also increase your energy bills. If you notice your energy bills are rising, and you cannot find the cause, it could be the roof.

Roof insulation can deteriorate, causing too much heat during summer and not enough warmth in winter. The result? Your energy systems have to work harder, so your energy bills will rise.

  1. Standing Water on Commercial Roof

Commercial building roof types such as flat roofs hold water after heavy rainfall. However, if water does not disappear after a few days, call commercial roofers to inspect the roof.

Standing water on a commercial roof can lead to leaks, mold growth, and other damage to your roof. Pools of water can also attract pests such as mosquitoes.

  1. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause standing water on commercial roofs and other structural damage. Check your drains and clean them regularly. You might be able to see debris in your drains.

Other signs of clogged drains include leaks, standing water, stains, and algae growth. You can get your drains cleaned professionally for the best and safest results.

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Get Roof Repairs Fast

Do not overlook internal or external signs that your commercial roof is damaged. Over time the issue will worsen and become more costly. And it may even cause you to close your business for extensive repairs.

It is best to call commercial roofers to inspect any suspected issues. It can be dangerous to go on your commercial building roof without experience. Most commercial roofing contractors offer emergency services, so you can get support as soon as an issue arises.

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