Wooden Table – A Multifaceted and Versatile Piece of Furniture

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The most versatile piece of furniture that every interior décor should include is a wooden table. Based on the purpose you can place a wooden table in any part of the room, many of us do not recognize the importance of this piece of furniture, and often over it. From simple functional ones to aesthetic ones, the market is flooded with all sorts of designs, models, and sizes of wooden tables. Wondering how to make a place for this wonderful piece of furniture in your house, let us help you with the different placement ideas to accentuate the look of your space.

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  1. Wooden Bedside Table: Many modern wooden bed models come with a built-in bedside table, however, these are priced high. For the one who has budgeted bed price in mind, don’t worry you can place a wooden table on either side of the bed to make it look as if it’s all one piece. This tiny piece of furniture comes as a savior when you want to place all your big and small items by your bedside, like a night lamp, book, glasses, medicines, etc. not to forget most wooden tables come with a drawer that serves as an extra storage space. 
  2. Side Table in Living Room –  Wondering what other pieces of furniture other than an armchair can infuse style in your living room? It’s a wooden table of course. It gives you a practical solution to hold your keys, TV remote, and your drinks. You can also place an exquisite vase to beautify your living room further. A bigger size wooden table can also serve as your center table of the living room. For an unconventional look, join two gorgeous wooden tables together and create a focal point in your living room.
  3. Extra Seating in Dining Area – We all know that dining tables provide limited seating for guests who are over for a scrumptious meal. Invest into stackable wooden tables, that make a perfect choice to create that extra seating space for your guests in the dining area or even the living room. When not in use, you can simply stack them up and store them conveniently. 
  1. Dressing Table- Small urban apartments often have space constraints and this calls for using furniture pieces that have multiple purposes. If you don’t have a dedicated dressing table in your bedroom, then these thoughtfully designed wooden tables can come in handy to hold your cosmetics. Place it under the long mirror on your wall and seamlessly create a personal dressing table in your bedroom. 
  2. Cofee Table in Balcony – A modern balcony should have comfortable seating to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and evening breeze. If you don’t have a big balcony, don’t worry you can still create a seating area with a sleek wooden table and chair. 

We reckon that the above pointers must have helped you realize how to incorporate the table in your living space. Wooden tables come in different finishes, so pick the one that sits well with your overall interior décor. 

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