Why Dookan.Com is a Smarter Way to Do Grocery Shopping in Frankfurt

Juliet D'cruz

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I am an NRI student based in Frankfurt. One thing that I have always missed being away from my hometown is desi Indian food. I usually crave them and end up eating other cuisines.

Looking out for an Indian grocery store in this foreign country was a tough task for me unless I came across the advertisement for Dookan.com. I underestimated it to be just like other overpriced grocery stores.

 Initially, I scrolled down from its website to check out the options they provide and left out amazed. This is one of the best Indian desi stores I have gone through. The prime quality of this website is its reduced prices.

Being a student in a foreign country, I have a limited budget and generally have to give up on things due to the same. But this option does not seem valid anymore with Dookan.com. Instead, it helped me organize Indian Lunch and dinner parties for my colleagues, leaving them impressed with mouth-watering cuisine.  

This website’s free home delivery is more like a cherry on the cake as I no longer have to miss my lectures for grocery shopping.

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Sharing all my experiences of this store and explaining to you about the platform, this blog will help you sort out the issues related to Indian grocery shopping in Frankfurt. With the help of Dookan.com, you can easily get all your items for monthly grocery lists and no longer need to look out for the Indian spice’s alternatives.

What is Dookan.com?

Dookan.com is a one-stop-shop for all your desi needs in foreign countries. With its establishment, you no longer need to hop down the streets searching for Indian grocery stores. This will cater to all your needs and essentials at the most affordable prices.

You can check this store out from their application or visit their online website. The application has super-fast loading speed with a clean and best interface. Adding to the benefits are multiple categories and different discount offers for the customers.

Categories with Dookan.com:

Dookan.com has numerous options for its customers divided into multiple categories. These includes:

  •       Flour Mixes, Flour, and Grains: 

Chapati Flour, Wheat Flour, Basmati Rice, South Indian Rice, Whole grains and lentils, gluten-free, canned and boiled, grains and rice derivatives, miscellaneous flour, and flour mixes.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Condiments, Pastes, and Spices:

Ground Spices, whole spices, spice blends, pickles, pastes, pulps, cooking oil, ghee, cooking aids, dry fruits, nuts, and sauces.

  • Snacks, Beverages, and Instant Food:

Street foods, savoury snacks, sweets, cookies, beverages, ready-made mixes, noodles, papadum, khakhra, ready-to-eat packets, and others.

Products under all these categories are readily available with the platform. This serves the purpose of a big basket in Frankfurt. Get your hand over all the top Indian brands providing these categories and unlock exclusive deals offered by the website.

How does Dookan.com work?

The website has a very interactive interface. This says that you need not search for the categories specifically. Instead, they are displayed on your screen at ease. All you need to do is:

  • Download the app or visit Dookan.com and log in with your existing or new account.
  • Select the items you are looking out for.
  • Add the item to your cart.
  • Opt for home delivery options.
  • Check the desired mode of payment out of multiple options.
  • Look out for the coupon code, or discount offers applicable on your cart products and the amount.
  • Check out and get your orders delivered within 1-2 days without any additional delivery charges.

Why is Dookan a better way to do grocery shopping in Frankfurt?

Dookan.com has claimed that they will provide all their products at the cheapest rates possible. This has ranked the website at the top of the list of its competitors. Moreover, it gives you the ease to order from wherever you are, merely from your devices.

They will deliver your orders either on the same day or the very next day of your order placement. This will help you get fresh products without any additional charges.

If you are not satisfied with the products or have ordered the same item twice, you can return it within 14 days of order placements.

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How does Dookan.com work for Businesses?

Dookan.com has different discount options for their customers.

  • Get 10% off using ‘DOOKANERI10’ for orders above 55€.
  • Get 15% off using ‘DOOKANERI15’ for orders above 75€.
  • Get 5% off using ‘DOOKANERI05’ for orders above 39€.

These further include promotional offers, stock clearance, summer sales, and bundle offers. Of course, we all are familiar with these categories, but bundle offer is a new addition to this list.

If you plan to come up with your Indian cloud kitchen concept or restaurant, then Dookan.com has the best offers for you. Complete all your bulk orders with the website as they are giving additional discounts on bundle offers.

This gives you an easy opportunity to start up with your creative idea without much investment.

 In addition, foreigners have started developing a taste for Indian food. Do not miss out on the opportunity to impress them with the best dishes in town!


Dookan.com is an easily accessible platform available for everyone. You can scroll down the multiple categories and options provided by them over their app or online website.

Physical stores for the same are also set up in different parts of Europe. In case you want to check them out personally, get the address for the nearest store online.

Organize your grocery list, get it finalized, and order before the discount coupon code expires!

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