What You Need to Know About Touchless Restrooms

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Do you want your home to have touchless restrooms?

Around 60% of Americans prefer contactless hand-washing fixtures. It’s been an emerging trend since the health crisis started. This technology isn’t new, but not a lot of households have them.

If it’s your first time, you won’t have enough information about them.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about contactless restrooms. Read on and find out whether it’s a good fit for your home:

What Are Touchless Restrooms?

A contactless bathroom uses various technologies like motion sensors to work. They’re especially useful for touchless toilets. You won’t have to worry about touching a lever to flush.

Other bathroom fixtures using touchless technology include faucets and showers. The latest technology includes using electromagnetic fields. It flushes your toilet using a simple hand wave over your toilet tank.

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Benefits of Touch Free Restrooms

Now you know how touchless restrooms work, learn what they can do for your family. Read on and determine whether contactless technology is worth your investment:

Prevent Microbe Spread

A lot of microbes lurk on various bathroom surfaces. It includes the obvious culprits like the toilet seats. Other surfaces like countertops, soap pumps, and doorknobs house both bacteria and viruses.

Touchless bathrooms are beneficial even without the recent health crisis. After all, thousands of Americans go to the hospital due to E. Coli infections each year.

If your bathroom is touch-free, your chances of getting these illnesses will decrease.

Reduce Waste

Touchless systems regulate the toilet products you use. For example, automated towel dispensers only give out a certain paper size. It reduces your waste since you won’t use more than you need.

Increase Efficiency

If you’re busy, spending more time in your bathroom wastes time. If you invest in a touchless bathroom, it runs smoother. A touchless soap dispenser won’t need direct contact, saving your time.

Cut Down Costs

Converting your bathroom into a touchless system will save money. As said before, they only deliver a limited amount of toilet supply. You’ll refill less frequently and save more money in the long run.

You can better budget your money and invest in more fruitful house projects. It also reduces your cleaning and refilling time, allowing you to do other activities.

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Encourage Cleanliness

If you have non-automated faucets, you’re unlikely to wash your hands. The same principle applies to soap dispensers. The slight inconvenience of using soap another family member touched might discourage you.

Automatic flushers and sinks can also maintain cleanliness in your restrooms. It reduces touchpoints, especially in the most germ-filled areas. This convenience allows makes everyone more motivated to maintain their hygiene.

Invest in Touchless Restrooms Today

Whether you’re a homeowner or entrepreneur, your premises enjoy touchless restrooms. Never let anyone contract avoidable illnesses. Use the information above to encourage yourself to make the transition.

However, you must also learn about the best touchless bathroom contractors around. Look for reputable ones online to make the most out of your investment.

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