What Church Leaders Should Know About Non Profit Insurance Companies

Juliet D'cruz

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Is your church growing beyond the living room or the small rental space that it started in? Are you planning on renting out a new building, or buying one of your own?

Church growth is an amazing thing, but it also poses its challenges. With growth comes greater responsibility and administration. In order for your church to complete its mission. There are a few things that need to be in place to ensure you can continue your work far into the future.

One of those things is insurance. Non-profit insurance companies can help you craft the perfect bundle of insurance policies to help keep you, your staff, volunteers, and congregation safe and protected in any circumstances.

Keep reading to learn more about non-profit insurance, how it works, and why church insurance is so critical.

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Churches Need a lot of Coverage

There’s a lot that goes on in church life. As a result, you need an insurance policy, or multiple policies, to go along with it all. So what kind of insurance does a church need?

If you have your own building, or rent one, you’ll need property insurance to protect both the building itself, along the equipment, gear, and supplies inside.

You’ll need liability coverage, which itself covers many different things from injuries suffered on your property to mission trips and professional liability from counseling advice.

And with so many things going digital, even in the church, you’ll need insurance to safeguard you against issues with your tech and cybersecurity, especially since you are non-profit accepting donations on a regular basis.

You’ll likely employ staff members, meaning that you’ll need a worker’s compensation policy. You’ll probably want to provide health insurance options to your team members as well. And if your church has any of its own vehicles, you’ll need commercial vehicle coverage.

How does church insurance work? It works in much the same way that any commercial insurance policies work, except they are customized and packaged together for nonprofit organizations that often need similar bundles.

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You Need to Work With Experienced Non-Profit Insurance Companies

When it comes to insurance for nonprofits and churches, there’s a lot to consider. It’s more complex than a standard business.

As a result, you need to work with a church insurance company that specializes in helping congregations like yours. It can be very difficult to piece together all of the different policies that your church needs without the proper experience.

They will be able to get your church the best deals by bundling all the policies you need in one place. It will save you tons of time and money, allowing you to focus on the work that you are called to do; serve, teach and disciple people.

Cover Your Church Today

So what do non-profit insurance companies offer to churches? They can offer all of the policies needed, custom-fit specifically for nonprofit churches.

They will be extensive enough to cover all of the unique needs that a church has, while also being affordable enough for congregations of any size. Make sure to invest in church insurance as soon as possible.

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