What To Know When A Furnace Boiler Is Not Heating Properly

Juliet D'cruz

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In cold regions, furnace boilers are very useful to provide warmth inside the house. However, some furnace boilers malfunction sometimes. Immediately, looking for the problem becomes a priority, and getting to the bottom of the issue is the only mission.  

So, where should you start? What could be the problem? What equipment is needed? Or should you contact a professional for help? All these questions need answers. But to help you resolve this concern, the best resort could be hiring a professional like heater service Bunker Hill or others.

To know more about what could be going on with your furnace boiler, read on:  

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  • Leakages 

Leakages are usually on the list of boiler problems and could be detected easily for the most part.   

When boilers age, their valves and seals may not be functioning optimally as they would have before. It may cause water to seep from the pipes. When checking the boiler, you may notice the copper piping turns a bluish color where the leaks are.   

Faulty installation or aging parts may be one of the reasons for a boiler leak. These leaks are best addressed by a professional instead of attempting the fix at home.   

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat 

The thermostat is the part of the boiler that regulates the temperature of the water. Without this, the water temperature will not be the same. It could lead to scalding if the water is too hot.   

Checking the temperature and other settings on the thermostat may be wise before calling a professional. You could try to set it to the highest temperature and let the water run for a while. If the water still does not heat up or the temperature is still not well regulated, replacing the thermostat may become an option.   

  • Obstructed Condensation Pipe 

Some areas around the world may get extremely cold during the winter months. It may cause the condensation pipe to freeze over and become obstructed.   

Luckily, this should be an easy fix. You can use warm water to pour over the frozen section to melt the obstructed part.   

Another way the condensation pipe is obstructed is due to water contamination. The water may contain dirt particles or rust formed in some old pipes. These may clog the pipes and cause them not to function.   

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  • Radiator Problems 

Boilers have a radiator system that may cause issues if not maintained or checked. Its radiators may be blocked, like the pipes mentioned above, or the flow may be affected by air trapped in the radiator.   

Switching off the boiler for a while until the radiator has cooled may assist in getting it back running. You could also bleed the radiator to clear it from obstructions like air or other blockages.   

If you need further assistance, professionals could help solve the problem, especially when the situation is unclear. Don’t hesitate to contact someone for help when needed.   

  • Water Pressure Issues 

Water pressure plays an essential role in the boiler system’s functionality. When the water pressure is insufficient, there may not be enough water for the boiler to heat.   

If there are no problems with water pressure throughout the rest of the house, you may need to examine the boiler for the cause. The low water pressure may be caused by a leaking pipe or obstruction. It would be helpful to look at those problems first when looking for the cause of the pressure issue.   

If the water pressure remains the same, it might be a good option to contact a professional to check the system for any issues that may have been overlooked.   

  • Boiler Making Unusual Sound

Sometimes a boiler may make noises similar to boiling water in a kettle. It could indicate that there may be a problem somewhere in the system.   

Common causes of the noises could be limescale build-up, a leak in the system, or accumulated sludge from impurities in the water. These could be addressed by flushing the system by a professional. Professionals help resolve this issue seamlessly. 

Other observable noises could be buzzing, humming, and gurgling. All of these could indicate potential problems with your boiler system and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.   

To Conclude 

Boilers are a necessary part of a household, and making sure they are in the best working condition would be a priority for any homeowner. It is especially useful in areas where cold temperatures are experienced often throughout the year.  

If you have any doubts about the functionality of your boiler, contact a professional to have the issues resolved quickly and efficiently.