Dishwasher vs Hand Washing – Which One is Better?

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you looking at the pile of dishes that need to be cleaned while you fret about your deliverables when you work from home?

Do you stare at your hands that are dry after you’ve cleaned a ton of dishes with no help?

Do you find yourself feeling broken after your favourite crystal or glassware is broken?

Do you often give dishes a second wash after discovering food remnants stuck to the surface?

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If the answers to the questions above are “Yes,” it is time to think about purchasing a dishwasher. While we may be comfortable with the idea of washing dishes manually, there’s specific advantages and advantages of using a dishwasher over hand washing dishes.

In the context of hygiene, time cost, environmental impact, and wash quality, which is the better option for dishwasher or hand washing? Have a look.

Less Time

Work at home conferences, presentations and conference calls have piled up until you realize that the dishes need to be cleaned. Hand washing the utensils you use for cooking in a household with four people takes about 30-minutes. 

Also, it would help if you had time to dry them in the air or wipe them clean using a towel. Contrarily the Dishwasher requires about 15 minutes from taking the dishes out to emptying the dishes and then being ready for use.

Superior Washing

Although hand washing dishes is not possible at room temperature water, dishwashers use hot water and temperatures that reach upwards of 70 degrees Celsius. It eliminates 99.99% of germs and provides sparkling clean utensils that do not leave any food particles on them.

Better Wash Quality

Handwashing is typically done with either liquid or dish soap, and the quality of the wash is mainly dependent on how well you scrub the dishes, which can be a laborious job. Dishwashers take care of these issues by using strong soap, hot water, and steam drying. The result is flawless clean dishes.

Safe for Hands

After about thirty minutes of hands being washed with soap and water, You can see your fingertips’ skin shrinking and then folding. Cleaning your dishes daily could strip away the natural moisture left and make your hands dry. The dishwasher eliminates this issue by washing hands-free.

Less Water Used

Do you know about 75 litres of water is wasted when dishes are made manually? The kitchen tap operates for approximately an hour for a typical dish load, and the water flow is about 5 millilitres per minute. Compare that to nine litres of water consumed by the eco Mode in any top dishwasher, and you save the most valuable natural resource each day.

Less Detergent Used

Although there is no way to control the amount of detergent you use in the home, you could consume up to 90g in a single wash if your family member is doing dishes, and popular dishwashers only use 30 % of the weight for each wash.

Excellent Hygiene

Our society is where hygiene and health have been given top priority, and it is a time to make sure that everyone visiting our home is safe and secure for the family. If you’re unsure about how clean a person performing chores is, a dishwasher is a better option. 

It combines zero-touch with steam drying, hot wash and a strong dishwasher detergent. Dishwashers offer the cleanest dishes you’ve ever seen while keeping your kitchen clean from the spread of bacteria.

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Zero Breakages and Scratches

Chipped edges on the bowl or a broken handle for a mug or a broken glass These are among the most frequently seen items during handwashing, particularly if you’re trying to complete the task before you can get started on your work. 

This problem can be solved with a remedy when using a dishwasher with special programs. Special programs can take care of your dishes without fear of breaking or scratches. Placeholders are made to keep your dishes safe and secure without touching or moving the other.

Spend Less

A domestic helper costs a minimum of Rs. 1,000 per month for taking care of the dishes. Add that to 7 years, and you’ll have spent around Rs. 84,000. The cost of dishwashers is approximately the amount of Rs. 35,000, and it can last between 7 and 10 years. The math goes for the latter.

Wrap Up

The benefits mentioned above for washing dishes with a hand outweigh the traditional habit of hand washing the dishes. The world is moving toward hygiene, and technology is a part of every sphere of existence. It is high time to move away from the tedious chore of washing dishes with your hands to safe, effortless dishwashers as well as get your life back!