What do you know about the wigs?

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It looks a lot like a regular wig, only more modern than the old ones that didn’t have such a modern cape. Even so, its out of date since she doesn’t have a screen, and its full (not half), which prevents her from adding a little hair in front like the half wig (it is a wig model that does not have a lace (little screen) that simulates the scalp. Necessarily needs to be blended with your hair on the front).

It doesn’t have an imitation scalp, that small natural screen on the front. However, several models still have a certain naturalness.

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What is full lace?

The Full Lace is a type of wig with an all-lace base (screen). The hair weave is done thread by thread, which makes it look like the threads come out of your scalp. With this type of wig, you can use any type of hairstyle, including a high ponytail. When put on, we have the impression that the hair is yours.

The best way to use this type of lace is to glue it on, but it can also be used with combs. You can see more about a full lace in this article.

There are different types of materials to make lace.

– Human hair

It is natural hair, not hair grown in a lab, as the name implies. It is closure wigs human hair from donors from all over the world, with Brazilians, Malaysians, Peruvians, and Indians being the most frequent. A real human hair lace looks more realistic, has a softer texture, and the strands become less entangled, especially if the lace is Remy hair, which is made with all of the strands running in the same direction. The curling iron adjusts to all chemical changes, including colour and discoloration, and can flat iron a human hair loop. Because it is more natural, it is the most popular hair type among artists.

They are wigs that have a longer duration, but they also require more care and are more expensive.

Both the cap (the part that we fit over the head) and the wires can be made of different materials. Let’s talk about the possibilities of materials that are used in the manufacture of yarn.

– Synthetic hair

The synthetic hair that was formerly known as Kanekalon and had shine is out of date. Today the future fiber hair in particular, apparently shows no difference from human hair, visually and especially in the photos is identical. It’s the most common type because it’s cheaper. These synthetic fibers like the future fiber which are very natural, do not shine, allow the use of flat iron, hairdryer, can be remolded when they get old, and everything else!

What is future fiber?

It is a type of synthetic fiber, very similar to human hair, and has no artificial shine like other types of synthetic fibers. Withstand temperatures up to 200° degrees. Do not accept coloring and coloring.

– Organic hair:

It is very similar to brazilian human hair, both in touch and in the way it is cared for. Washing is with shampoo in movements along the thread so as not to get tangled up with cold or warm water and moisturizing cream. Experts claim that it embarrasses less and is very natural.

– 100% human hair or Human Blend hair

Despite the name, believe me: it’s not human hair. It is a mixture of human and synthetic hair that gives the wig a lot of naturalness. Usually, the mixture of human hair happens in about 30% of the strands that are on top of the head, so the promise is that the strands tangle less and the lace becomes more natural.

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How to attach my lace, be it lace front or full lace?

Hair grip what is it for?

To help hold your lace and secure it in place, you can use Hair Grip, it is a strip of fabric, usually imported, which has a non-slip effect on full laces, lace fronts, hair prostheses, wigs in general, and scarves.  

This band is very thin and does not create volume under the wig, it is adjustable for any head size. It doesn’t heat up and gives you comfort without ‘dancing’ in your head. You can use the combs by attaching them to the hair grip or in your wig.

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