Steps to Buying a Cordless Circular Saw

Juliet D'cruz

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Unlike the usual corded circular saws, their cordless brothers are battery-powered. Cordless circular saws are smaller, quieter than corded ones. They boast incredible portability and lightweightness. With a cordless circular saw at hand, you are no longer restricted in movement by an annoying electrical cord. With that said, if you need a decent cutting tool for a DIY project with lots of hard-to-access or no-electricity-nearby areas, getting a solid cordless circular saw is what you need. In this post, we’ll let you in on some vital steps to take before purchasing a cordless circular saw.

Here’s a brief outline before we proceed:

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  • read reliable cordless circular saw reviews by experienced carpenters and woodworkers;
  • check the power and torque of the tool that has caught your eye;
  • make sure the equipment you fancy comes with safety features;
  • ensure it’s easy enough to maintain and store;
  • study warranty terms.
  1. Read Circular Cordless Saw Reviews

Yes, reading reviews matters. Make sure you find reliable sources with reviews from expert woodworkers and read a lot of what they have to say about the equipment they use. Once you gain enough knowledge, you’ll be able to make your own conclusions and choose a truly great tool for your needs.

  1. Evaluate the Tool’s Power & Torque

Most manufacturers tend to reveal the voltage of their cordless circular saws, while the power and torque of their motors remain undisclosed. To have a full picture of the tool’s performance potential, always note its power and torque characteristics. Do your homework before shopping for the right tool, otherwise, you may end up buying something totally worthless.

  1. Look for Smart Safety Features

Did you know that some excellent cordless circular saws boast features that aid you, say, in preventing accidental tool start, locking the spindle during blade swap, or even save you from getting hurt by blade particles in case of accidents? Look for these features in the saw that tickles your fancy. Better safe than sorry, they say. 

  1. Is It Easy to Maintain & Store?

Ease of storage and maintenance are important, too. Therefore, such features as a rafter hook for convenient maneuvering or a dust port for keeping your workspace clean should be very much appreciated. Explore the cordless circular saw that has attracted your attention in terms of how convenient it is to maintain and store.

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  1. Have Laser-Like Focus on Warranty Terms 

Read warranty terms of the piece of equipment that suits you. Certain brands, for instance, warrant their products only if they are used for home DIY projects and never professionally. Make sure you delve into these details before you commit to purchasing that cordless circular saw that seems perfect for you feature-wise. 

To Wrap Up: Cordless Is Freedom

Cordless circular saws may not be as powerful as their corded brothers, but in terms of portability, they are the best. They are great at adapting to a variety of work environments. They allow you to position your workbench anywhere you like, irrespective of where the power outlet is located. That’s what freedom is. The rest is up to you. Have anything to add on the topic? Speak up in the comments below!