What are the top options for English courses in Ireland in 2022?

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The English language has become one of the top mediums of instruction across the globe whether it’s online or offline. In fact, without preliminary knowledge of the language, you would not be able to read this blog!

The prominence of English is so much so that you are expected to be proficient in the language if you want to climb the corporate ladder in all major countries. Learning English formally through English courses in Dublin or any other major city is especially more important for students aspiring to study in the EU or UK.

Let’s dive deeper into why you should consider studying the language in Dublin and what kind of course options would be available to you.

Why should you think about learning English in Ireland in 2022?

If you are already decided on improving your proficiency in English, the best place to do it would be Ireland. Ireland provides unique advantages that are optimum for learning and practicing the language naturally. The top advantages of learning English in Ireland include:

  1. Over 95% of the country’s population speaks English, proving an excellent chance for English language immersion.
  2. An Irish student visa allows you to work while studying in a country that has some of the highest minimum wages in the EU.
  3. Most English language trainers in the country are board-certified which adds to their teaching capability.
  4. Studying English in Ireland allows you to explore the rich Irish literature and works of renowned Irish authors.

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What are the top English language schools in Ireland that offer the best English language courses?

Studying English in Ireland can let you have a unique experience of staying as an international student in a beautiful, welcoming country. Most English language schools in the country offer classes catering to different age groups from 12-year-olds to 18 and above.

Most English language courses fall into the following categories

  1. General to Advanced English: Relevant for general English improvement for day-to-day life or English language immersion.
  2. Business English: Relevant for people who want to pursue a corporate career in the international business domain
  3. Academic English: Relevant for people who need to be proficient in English to comprehend school literature for college studies
  4. Classes for English language certifications: Prepare students for acing different English proficiency tests for immigration or college admissions.

While the country is littered with good English language schools including prominent ones in the capital city Dublin, few among them maintain extremely high academic standards.

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Here are some of the top English language schools in Dublin that might catch your attention.

  1. Erin School of English
  2. Internship and Study Abroad Group
  3. IBAT College Dublin
  4. Delfin English School
  5. EF Education Group
  6. The English Studio
  7. Kaplan International English
  8. Cork Language Institute

Choosing any one of the aforementioned institutes can allow you to rest assured that you would get top-quality instructors and ready academic support. Start researching good English schools in Dublin today to be professionally successful in the future.