Six Types of Social Media Influencers You Must Know

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Six Types of Social Media Influencers You Must Know

Like every other Indian, if you also spend 7 of every 10 minutes on social media, the popularity and charm of social media influencers must have drawn you in. Social media influencers are digital creators who share glimpses into their day-to-day lives that make their followers feel more connected to them.

As more brands turn to influencer marketing, being a social media influencer is all the rage these days. It’s becoming an extremely lucrative career option for those with higher audience engagement.

So, if you’re all ready to grow your social media fan base and become an influencer, you must know about the six types of social media influencers that brands engage with.

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  1.     Mega-Influencers

Influencers in this category don’t owe their popularity to their social media accounts. In other words, they already are celebrities enjoying a wide fan base. With a follower count of more than 1 million, big brands with hefty budgets partner with mega influencers to increase their visibility.

  1.     Macro-Influencers

These are Influencers who have a reach between 100k to 1. They are usually chosen by brands looking to cast a wide net. Although, because of their large following, their engagement rate is relatively low.

  1.     Micro-Influencers

Simply put, it’s quality over quantity. Social media influencers that have followers between 10K to 100K fall into this category. Brands with a focused approach choose the influencer with fewer followers but a high engagement rate. This is because the followers have grown over months and years and have a strong relationship with the Influencer.

So, being introduced to a new brand by an influencer people trust naturally gives the marketer a higher success rate.

  1.     Nano Influencers

Social media influencers with followers between 1k to 10K are categorised as nano influencers. They share and engage extensively with their followers, helping them cultivate deep connections. Brands value nano influencers especially because their followers can be reliable, cost-effective focus groups for understanding whether a new product would be a viable launch.

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  1.     Niche-Specific Influencers

Many social media accounts cater to a particular interest. Think Komal Pandey in fashion or Ajey Nagar in gaming. Niche-specific influencers are preferred by marketers who have a target market in mind.

For instance, social media influencers who dedicate their accounts to gaming would be preferred over a mega-influencer with a varied following. Influencers who are nice-specific in their content often become masters of that field. So, their endorsement can be very profitable for brands and naturally the first choice.

  1.     Bloggers and Vloggers

Compared to other types, these social media influencers are very regular with their content and function across different social media platforms, which helps them build a dedicated following. Vloggers share their life through videos, while Bloggers do the same through their pen (albeit digital).

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