Travel Tips: Best Beaches Around New Jersey to Enjoy This Summer

Juliet D'cruz

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You can check out several well-researched and experienced Thrillophilia reviews to give you a sense of what to expect when in New Jersey. The beaches in New Jersey, lines along the popular Jersey Shore, are famous the world over for their natural beauty, the flat sand, shallow waters that allow for swimming and other exciting water sports, and the pleasant waves that are ideal for surfing. Several beaches have resorts, amusement parks, cafes, restaurants and boulevards along the shores, which makes for the perfect tropical vacation when you are in New Jersey.

  • Cape May 

One of the most top-rated beaches in New Jersey according to Thrillophilia Sitejabber reviews is Cape May, which is located on the absolute southernmost tip of New Jersey. The beach boasts a coastline that is 2.5 miles long, where you can indulge in a number of fun activities. Some of the most popular activities that can be conducted here include playing volleyball, enjoying a picnic, several surfing sports and other water-related adventures. It is also famous for its natural beauty, where you can catch the sunset and have a wonderful time sunbathing on different stretches of the beach.

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  • Avalon 

One of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in New Jersey is Avalon. It is perfect for those who love to walk on the beach during sunrise, enjoy a relaxing session of surfing and snack on delicious food that can be found in the cafes and restaurants that line the beach. One of the best features of the beach is that it provides beach-friendly wheelchairs for those who may need them to access the beach. You can also swim on the waters on the inflatable rafts that are available for hire on the beach.

  • Ocean Grove 

If you are searching for the most perfect quintessential beach on the Jersey Shore, there is no place better than Ocean Grove. This is a tiny beachside settlement, right in the middle of Jersey Shore that is ideal for families and small groups to have a gala time. It is fitted with all the essential elements of a beach including lifeguards, bathrooms, showers and a boardwalk where you can walk during sunset. There are shallow sections of the beach as well which is ideal for children to play in. Activities on the beach include surfing and also boogie-boarding. You can rent the right equipment for this from the many rental houses that are constructed along the beach.

  • Ocean City

Ocean City is home to one of the most famous and well-recognized boardwalks in the entire city, and the facilities and looks of the beach have earned it the title of the “Greatest Family Resort in America”. This place has over 8 miles of coastal beaches that you can relax in. There are posh resorts and holiday homes that line the beach. Some of the activities that you can enjoy here include cycling, yoga, sunbathing and many other exciting activities that can make your beach experience truly exceptional.

  • Sandy Hook 

If you are an adventure freak and searching for the perfect beachside experience on Jersey Shore, then you must also check out Sandy Hook. This place is ideal for activities such as surfing, fishing, swimming, biking and windsurfing in the Gateway National Recreation Area that has been designed to cater to your adventurous soul. This is also the site for the oldest lighthouse in operation in America. There are also several food trucks selling quintessential American delicacies to satiate your hunger after an eventful day at the beach.


  • Seaside Heights 

Few places in the world offer the experience of being able to go on a cable car ride over the beach. This is one of the places where you can cruise along the coast while suspended in the air, which makes this beach in New Jersey quite special. There are also other carnival rides, dining options and arcade games that can keep you entertained during your visit to this beach. It is a great family destination in New Jersey. Make sure you try the iconic custard at Kohr’s Frozen Custard. Check out the Thrillophilia Fliarbi reviews for more information on seaside heights.

  • Long Beach Island 

One of the most iconic places in New Jersey is Long Beach Island. It is also one of the largest beaches in the state, offering visitors over 18 miles of sandy beach to choose from. Brant Beach is also part of this beach, where you can enjoy adventure activities like surfing, swimming and visit an amusement park that is built along the shores. You can also explore several uncrowded sections of the beach, where you can enjoy a quiet picnic or sunbathe in solitude.