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Travelling through India on my own has been a life-long dream. Even though I belong to this country, have been born and brought up here, I have always wanted to explore the rich and versatile culture that can be experienced in different parts of this subcontinent. After planning for this solo adventure for several years and doing extensive research, what finally convinced me to take the plunge was reading a number of great Thrill philia Facebook reviews from fellow travelers who have managed to travel through the country on their own and gain the cultural insight that I have always searched for

After travelling on my own throughout India, which I thought was a truly life-changing experience, I won’t bore you with the details of my trip or the route that I took, but what I felt throughout the journey was that travelling through India as a solo female traveler requires a special handbook. So here are a few tips that you can keep in mind before you embark on this journey. These are compiled keeping in mind my own experiences, and I hope you too can benefit from these!

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Be mindful of the local culture No matter where you are travelling, you must keep in mind the local culture of the place and modify your dressing and behavior accordingly. This is not a matter of oppression or telling women how to dress, but to be respectful of the place that you are visiting. You must dress conservatively in some places for the sake of your own safety, and you can dress as you wish in some other places if you don’t feel like you are flouting any local rules.

1.Be confident instead of polite 

If you are a polite person by nature, then I would recommend that you change your attitude to something more assertive and conservative. The moment you are too polite, people may assume that you are weak and might even try to take advantage of you. The moment you sound confident, people will assume that you know your way around, know what you want and have a no-nonsense attitude towards you as well.

  1. Learn a few basic sentences in the local language 

One of the most important lessons I learned was to learn some of the basics of the local language of the places I was visiting. The moment you depend on someone, you put yourself in a position of dependency on someone else, which you don’t want to do if you are travelling alone. Even if you know some of the basic sentences like asking for directions, you will feel confident enough to navigate the place on your own.

  1. Imitate the local women 

One of the best tips I learnt on my travels is to copy the local women of the places that I was visiting. If the women dressed a certain way, I did the same, if they ate in a certain manner, it was easier to imitate them in order to not offend the locals and draw unnecessary attention to myself. This also gives you the freedom to explore the place like a local, without constantly feeling anxious about your surroundings. Read reviews of India  to know more about this adventure and book a package with us to collect some everlasting memories.

4.Avoid wandering out alone at night 

No matter where you are in India, try to complete your plans for the day and return back to the hotel before sundown. Even though your itinerary will be planned carefully and meticulously, it is best if you do not keep any activities after the sun sets for the sake of your own safety. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and unfortunately, lone women are some of the most common targets for crimes in India.

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  1. Make sure your phone is always charged 

One of the most important companions I had on the trip was my mobile phone. If you are travelling from outside India, you must also get an India Sim card, so that there are no problems in connecting with someone while you are on the trip. It is also highly recommended that you notify someone or the other about your whereabouts at all times. When you leave a place, when you reach a new place and even when you are travelling between the two.

  1. Be mindful of who you trust 

Travelling alone does not mean complete solitude throughout your journey. You will have to interact with someone or the other during your travels, but you must be careful about who you are trusting. You might need the help of guides, coolies, hotel managers, etc. and meet friends along the way. While it is always good to meet new people, it is important to be careful about who you trust so that nothing untoward happens to you when you are travelling on your own.