Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for IGCSE Curriculum for Your Child?

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While bringing the next generation up in a situation where globalization is quickly spreading its impact across nations, the meaning of teaching the children under a worldwide educational program can’t be focused sufficiently on. All things considered, the global education programs are planned in such a way that it not just grooms the youthful personalities for the globalized world ahead yet, in addition, impart them with decisive reasoning and critical thinking abilities that empower them to make their place in the midst of the rising rivalry.

It is from this thought and a careful evaluation of the scope of educational plans that we, at Campus k School, one of the main international schools in Sholinganallur, embraced the educational program for teaching the youthful personalities of the country. What’s more, today, we will impart to you a portion of our experiences on the motivations behind why the IGCSE educational program is sure an extraordinary decision for your kid’s schooling.

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What precisely is the IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) depends on the British educational plan (GCSE), yet it has been adjusted for an all more globally centered understudy body. It is principally test-based and gets evaluated through the test board chosen by the organization, which is Cambridge Assessment International Education for our situation.

The Cambridge test board offers a large number of subjects and spotlights eagerly on guaranteeing the all-encompassing improvement of understudies, with sharp thoughtfulness regarding language review. The IGCSE considers contrasting degrees of capacity by offering both Core and Extended educational program papers in certain subjects.


The advantages that the IGCSE educational program gives to youthful minds:

As we have previously examined the fundamental precepts of the IGCSE educational plan, we will currently dig further into every one of the reasons that go with it the best decision for your youngster.


1) Perceived by worldwide colleges and international employers

As one of the most amazing IGCSE schools in Chennai, we, at Campus k School, can vouch for the way that one of the foremost advantages of selecting the IGCSE educational plan for your kid is that it helps open up the pathway to the best worldwide colleges ahead for them. Globally, IGCSE capability is broadly recognized and held in the most elevated respect. In this way, assuming you expect to send your kid to concentrate abroad and apply to the best unfamiliar colleges, the educational plan will prepare and set up your kid with the essential abilities.

As a matter of fact, it involves extraordinary pride for us to express that our understudies have proceeded to get their place in probably the best public and global establishments, and your youngster can before long stick to this same pattern.


Moreover, employers of the top organizations search for skills that come from IGCSE subjects. The educational program is one of the most famous decisions among both business goliaths and tech organizations.


2) Student-driven approach supported by inquiry-based learning

The IGCSE program is open to practically all capacity levels as the educational plan is separated as far as trouble level. Furthermore, this, we accept, is one of its center assets as it can address the issues of the ablest and high-level students, alongside the ones who are confronting scholastic difficulties. Showing practices and techniques engaged with IGCSE are planned in a manner to upgrade the learning limit of each and every youngster, no matter what their speed of realization.

Furthermore, the way that the educational program centers around empowering interest in every kid are likewise one of its most exemplary parts. In that capacity, the emphasis is more on genuine encounters, investigation, and articulation, by which the interest of the children is supported, and answers are explored to assist them with acquiring a more profound comprehension of the world and their networks.

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3) Prepares the youthful personalities for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The IGCSE is made to be a groundwork for our children’s further global review, for example, the IB Diploma Program, including passage to worldwide universities. Truly, it is generally seen that understudies who have done the IGCSE have a more noteworthy comprehension of the primary ideas to expand on account of the IB DP.

It is likewise a significant benefit of the IGCSE that evaluations are held under test conditions. That is on the grounds that the IB Middle Years Program does exclude assessments, so for MYP understudies, the IB Diploma might be their most memorable experience of outer tests, a circumstance wherein a few understudies flourish while others need to rehearse. Hence, with respect to content information, the IGCSE establishes a splendid starting point for the IB Diploma.


4) Focus is on execution and not the scores

IGCSE program is out and out help for the children as they get a bold stage for communicating their understanding of various subjects. It supports a persistent evaluation example of surveying students’ perceptions, and the emphasis is laid on giving subjective criticism.

This example of evaluation is pointed toward diminishing scholarly execution uneasiness and stress in kids. In this situation, the student and the educator cooperate in the space of progress reliably. The consistent evaluation centers around students’ advancement and not just on the scores to assist the students with feeling persuaded and certain.

The evaluations are additionally exemplary in the way that they are adaptable, and the emphasis is more on whether the kid has perceived the idea as opposed to what they have robbed up. All things considered, the IGCSE educational plan draws its solidarity from the way that every youngster is a characteristic student and acclimatizes information through different sources and not only books.


5) The overall acknowledgment acquired through the IGCSE program

As the IGCSE program is for the most part selected by the worldwide school understudies, our children get close enough to a worldwide local area. They secure the abilities to be comprehensive and gain compassion for a wide range of societies and individuals. It helps in creating in them a worldwide viewpoint where each youngster turns into a piece of a more different and thorough worldwide local area.

Likewise, you really want to realize that IGCSE works in light of the fact that large numbers of the top colleges in the UK, for the shortfall of A-level outcomes or IB Diploma, consider IGCSE results to offer positions. Thus, in the event that concentrating on the UK is one of the objectives, IGCSE is most certainly smart. It is respected by the North American schools and European colleges, the two of which consider it other than the IB Diploma grades and the significant A Levels.


As one of the main IGCSE schools in Chennai, our focus on Campus K School has forever been to guarantee to confer the best of instructive open doors to our understudies in order to sustain them and man of the hour them well for the way past the edge of our foundation. What’s more, IGCSE educational plan has been assisting us with remaining consistent with our point. The progress of our vision for our young sprouting virtuosos is obvious in the magnificent accomplishments that our graduated class has been enlisting in both scholar and expert circles, and we, at Campus K School, are without a doubt glad for this reality.