How to Choose Your Subjects for Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus School?

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How to Choose Your Subjects for Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus School?

About IGCSE Curriculum

IGCSE Curriculum is one of the world’s most famous global educational programs for understudies matured 14-16-year-old. It is a 2-year program where understudies have the opportunity to look at over 70 subjects including 30 dialects. It is a 30-year-old educational plan created by Cambridge University Examinations and is an enlisted brand name of the University of Cambridge.

The IGCSE educational plan covers different angles, for example, the use of information, request-based learning, and so on. It is generally acknowledged and perceived by top foundations and managers all over the planet.

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Figuring out the Structure of the IGCSE Curriculum

Understudies need to take at least 5 and most extreme 14 subjects which should incorporate the 3 mandatory subjects of English, Science, and Math. Understudies who pass 7 subjects stand to acquire an International Certificate of Education or ICE.

The Subject Groups of the IGCSE Curriculum

Group 1: Languages

Group 2: Humanities and Social Sciences.

Group 3: Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and so on)

Group 4: Mathematics

Group 5: Creative, Technical, and Vocational Subjects. (Business Studies, Computer Studies, Accounting, Music, and so on)

Figuring out the Structure of the IGCSE Curriculum

How might IGCSE Benefit Your Child?

  • IGCSE has a pragmatic methodology towards learning and includes unpredictable evaluation techniques like oral, tuning in, and composed tests.
  • IGCSE Curriculum is a decent and adaptable course that suits the learning capacity of a wide range of understudies.
  • The center level is appropriate for normal understudies while a drawn-out educational plan is best for understudies who believe that should do specialization.
  • IGCSE Curriculum is one of the perceived sheets on the planet that creates and empowers numerous abilities like request-based mastering, decisive reasoning, critical thinking, collaboration, and so on.
  • It advances initiative abilities by honing an understudy’s utilization of information.
  • IGCSE School is known for its steady scholarly greatness. It gives imaginative and intelligent learning instruments and extraordinary assets which urge understudies to succeed.
  • It is known for quality instruction and best practices, the schools continually redesign their contributions to address the issues of understudies.

With the worldwide educational plan acquiring ubiquity and the quantity of Cambridge IGCSE schools developing, there has been a huge expansion in understudies looking for admission to these schools. So it is significant that understudies ought to know how to choose subjects for IGCSE Curriculum.  Need to Know the best IGCSE Schools in Chennai? No worries, there are many IGCSE schools in Chennai providing the best education for young kids.

While Choosing a Subject Think About a Few Aspects

  • How intrigued would you say you are in a specific subject?
  • In the event that you don’t consider a specific subject will it influence your future courses Ex: AS and A-level/IB DP?
  • In the event that you don’t pick a specific subject then would you say you are shutting your profession way?
  • Have you chosen a fair dependent upon feature of your assets and interests?

How to Choose Cambridge IGCSE Subjects?

  • IGCSE Curriculum subject decisions ought to be picked astutely. It ought to be founded on your inclinations, your higher examinations, and professional objectives.
  • It ought to be recollected that the highest-level colleges will just consider top grades and the general presentation achieved through the IGCSE course and not the number of subjects.
  • For ex: to seek after designing in the future then they should pick subjects which assist them with acquiring information or better set them up for the equivalent. If an understudy who has any desire to concentrate on medication should pick Biology alongside other Science subjects.
  • More often than not understudies don’t have lucidity of what vocation they wish to choose later on, so such understudies ought to go with subjects that they have an interest in.

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In Languages the choice will contrast contingent on the school. The greater part of the Cambridge IGCSE schools have German and Spanish language choices; Out of which If you are an English or French first language speaker, Spanish is probably going to be simpler to get than German. You want to put a chance to become capable in the language so select shrewdly.

There are serious areas of strength between Spanish and French so in the event that you begin working on one of the dialects, you are probably going to work on another moreover.


It is an incredibly alluring subject to learn about and investigates both normal and synthetic peculiarities on the planet. This is an ideal subject for understudies who are interested to know the purposes for all that occurs. It wakes you up to the world, such that different subjects don’t.

On the off chance that you disdain to compose tremendous measures of data, you will despise it as the test expects you to have the option to impart immense measures of data in an extremely brief time frame.


It takes understudies from the very start of World War I to the Gulf War over the range of two years. They will figure out how to be receptive and think about intriguing points of view from many points. There will be a ton of composing tasks and it will further develop understudies’ paper composing abilities.


Understudies are expected to take every one of the three sciences, whether independently or consolidated.

It is fascinating, testing, pleasant and fulfilling. It finds some kind of harmony among knowledge and remembrance. Understudies will perform many investigations which will tempt them to find out more. Since it is specialized, they must get clarification on some pressing issues and clear questions and have superior comprehension.


It is a fascinating subject with regards to Cambridge IGCSE to find out about how our body and nature function according to a logical point of view. You will realize a wide range of things, from ordering species to utilizing specific compounds to accelerate a cycle and even take apart a heart.

In the event that you are wanting to turn into a vet or a specialist, it is critical to take Biology. It is simpler for understudies who love realities and graphs.

Physical science

It is a prologue to the universe of physical science where understudies learn more inside and out. Understudies will learn conditions and will require great remembering abilities. In the event that it doesn’t tempt you then you can pick a mix of science subjects.

Co-ordinated/Combined Science

Here understudies will get to realize each of the 3 science subjects however not in much profundity.


IGCSE Mathematics is a crucial subject for all understudies which supports the improvement of numerical information as a significant fundamental ability and as a strong reason for further developed study.


Two years is quite a while to plan for IGCSE Curriculum which is the reason you ought to rather spend it contemplating and learning subjects that interest, challenge and move you for your further desires.

Trust now understudies can go with informed decisions in the wake of perusing and figuring out this article and can certainly pick the subjects they need to take for Cambridge IGCSE.