The Average Cost of Windows for Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

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On average, your window frames should last anywhere between 20 to 50 years, especially if you keep up with maintenance. But no matter how well you take care of your windows, there comes a time when you need to replace them!

We’re not going to lie: it’ll cost a good chunk of money to replace your windows. But if you do it right, then it’ll be a good investment that’ll last you for years to come.

Want to learn more? Read on to find out the average cost of windows so you can budget better for replacements!

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The Average Cost of Windows

So how much do windows cost? Typically, you’ll pay anywhere between $200 to $2,100 per window!

While $2,100 might seem a bit steep for just 1 window, you might be a little more relieved to hear that the national average is around $650 per window.

Factors That Affect Cost

As you can see from the above numbers, there’s a huge range when it comes to the average cost of windows. While we can’t give you exact numbers, what we can do is help you narrow down what can affect window prices so you know what to expect!


There are several materials you can get for the frame: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and aluminum.

One of the cheapest and most popular options is vinyl; it’s also very durable. On the other hand, the most expensive option is fiberglass. However, it’s more durable than vinyl.

Window Location

If a window is located in a harder-to-reach area, expect to pay more. For example, those located on the second floor will be pricier to install than those on the first floor since it’ll take more equipment and time to complete the job.

Type/Size of Window

If your window has multiple panes, you’ll have to pay more for a replacement, as this will take more labor on the installer’s part.

Also, the larger the window, the more they’ll charge. Picture, bow, and bay windows will usually cost more as well.

Lastly, custom windows (usually on older houses) will cost more to replace.

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Request Multiple Quotes

In the end, the only way to know how much window installation will cost you is to ask! Not only that, but you should request quotes from several window companies.

The more quotes you have, the better you’ll be able to see who’s within your budget range and can offer the best services at the most affordable prices. It can also help you eliminate shady companies who are trying to price gouge you.

Replace Your Home Windows Within Your Budget

Now that you know the average cost of windows and what can affect pricing, this should help you figure out your budget for window replacement services. By using this knowledge and requesting several quotes, you’ll be able to improve your house without breaking the bank!

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