Top 5 Most Visited Online Fabric Suppliers in UK

Juliet D'cruz

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Do you have an idea for a new business that requires fabric? Or perhaps you simply wish to find a new cloth provider from the comfort of your own home?


Finding a fabric provider on the internet is becoming increasingly common these days. Especially if you’re looking for something unique that your local store doesn’t have. Every single sewer’s fabric shopping behavior has been influenced by this trend. Maybe you’re seeking for a specific fabric pattern or color for your business, but you can’t always find it, so you decided to look for fabric online to use in your sewing projects.

It’s actually a time saver because you can search for a suitable fabric supplier from the comfort of your own home or workplace, long after the brick and mortar fabric stores have closed. But not all online fabric businesses are created equal, so today we’re going to tell you about the most popular online fabric retailers in the UK and why we adore them!

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Create Fabrics

Create Fabrics isn’t your typical fabric store. We’d like to partner with you if you’re a curtain shop, upholsterer, manufacturer, or interior designer. You can join their trade program and use their fabric collection to inspire yourself and your clients. They have fabric hangers with all of their fabrics that you can see on their website so you can choose which ones are right for you and your customers. They can also offer free samples of their vast fabric selection, whether it’s a simple cloth, patterned velvet, or something in between. It’s available at Create Fabrics.


With their excellent logistical connections, they can serve the entire UK and export fabrics all over the world from their central position. They have a genuine desire to introduce materials to the market that are different in texture and bolder in pattern. When it comes to introducing new fabrics, they feel there are no limits; they get ideas for their fabrics by traveling and visiting mills all over the world! It makes no difference what size organization they work with; they support everything from tiny businesses to medium and large corporations. So, what do you have to lose? Create Fabrics is officially open for business!

Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise that offers a diverse selection of eco textiles and haberdashery for all types of textile projects. Offset Warehouse sells things that benefit the people who manufacture them, the people who handle them, or the environment. The most exquisite, handcrafted, and fairly sourced fabrics and haberdashery, sold at inexpensive but fair pricing, with a minimum order of just one meter, are sourced from locations all over the world.

Offset Warehouse’s entire product line is ethically and environmentally conscious. So you can feel good about knowing that every time you buy something from Offset Warehouse, you’re helping to ensure the safety and livelihood of a farmer or weaver, or that the environment is being carefully protected. Founder and Director Charlie Bradley Ross, who holds a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art, handpicks the textiles to ensure that all of the products sold are distinctive, opulent, sophisticated, of the best quality, and one step ahead of the trend.

If you’re a company looking for wholesale quantities, you can contact them and they’ll send you their wholesale catalog and price list.

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Terrys Fabric and Curtain Warehouse

Terry’s Fabric and Curtain Warehouse has thousands of high-quality items available for purchase online at the most competitive pricing. They keep over 90% of the things they sell on their website in stock to ensure prompt delivery to their customers. In addition to their online store, they have special products and knowledgeable employees at their stores in Staffordshire and Stockport, where you can view the textiles for yourself!

There are numerous designs, colors, and compositions from which to choose. Terrys’ curtains, blinds, and upholstery fabrics range from thick-lined curtain fabric that keeps out the draft to sheer linens that let in natural light. Purchase today and get the fabric you require delivered to your home. You may also utilize their curtain fabric shopping guide to assist you in choosing the correct fabric for your requirements. To complement their already comprehensive window blinds and curtain poles inventory, they now offer a large selection of premade curtains and curtain fabric.

Loome Fine Furnishing Fabrics

Loome Fine Furnishing Fabrics has a large selection of antique and traditional fabrics, as well as lovely modern plains. They have materials from medieval to mid-century, as well as designs from every major design period and the most prominent historical designers. In addition, they provide a large selection of modern velvets, chenille, and linens. If you are seeking a specific style of fabric that you do not see on their website, please contact them and they will assist you in finding it. You may be confident that they will provide you with the greatest quality furnishing fabrics, as well as outstanding service and reasonable costs.

This ethic is reflected in their products and costs. When you specialize in selling fabrics from every significant design era, as well as from most of the key historical designers, you may also provide free worldwide delivery. Loome Fine Furnishing Fabrics is rarely beaten when it comes to developing or re-creating a period design. They can print practically any historical cloth for you, re-imagining old patterns and reproducing designs from the past on a bespoke or short-run basis.

Jane Clayton and Company

Jane Clayton & Company is a well-known name in the fabric, wallpaper, and made-to-measure furniture industries. They’ve developed quickly over the years, but they’ve never wavered from their commitment to providing a personalized, bespoke service. Over a hundred brands of fabric, wallpaper, and made-to-measure pieces are now available, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets, from desired high-end designers to burgeoning independents and well-known household names. There’s always something fresh and unexpected to explore with hundreds of new collections released each week.

Their made-to-measure service is at the heart of what they offer, and it’s here that their expertise and creativity truly shine. You can trust that every work you commission will be expertly constructed and hand-finished to their rigorous standards, as they have years of experience. The end result is a stunning sculpture that you will cherish and will stand the test of time.


Your supplier should care about your vision for the perfect project, which is why you should look for one that has a nice and approachable customer service team that is always there to help you with your project. The online supplier you choose must have the specialized knowledge required to respond to your questions, providing you peace of mind while placing an order with them.