Silk Satin Pajamas Set – Lingerie Combinations

Juliet D'cruz

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If you are planning a night out on the town and want to look like you stepped out of a Parisian salon, then a silk pajama set is the perfect finishing touch. While a simple polyester top and matching bottoms are an admirable beginning, it is worth a special personal experiment to see how you can achieve the ultimate spa-like atmosphere with a different texture. This is where silk pajama sets really come into their own. Creating the illusion of a much thinner upper body gives the appearance of more muscle mass and makes the wearer much more comfortable. In addition, the silk lining creates a nice barrier against hot or cold air while maintaining a cool temperature inside.

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While you may think that any pajama set needs to be washed, there is one big difference between sleepwear made from fabric and those made from linen or cotton. Linen and cotton are both extremely durable and can take a lot of wear. However, when it comes to cotton, it becomes damaged very easily and requires more care. Silk pajamas sets are a great choice because they are soft and will not wrinkle easily. A satin pajama set may seem like it is more trouble to care for, but it actually will help to keep your skin cool and dry all day long.

Another thing that you might want to consider is whether you want a full silk pajama set or just a two piece ensemble comprised of a nightgown and matching panties. Both styles create a stunning effect, so whichever you choose will have a definite impact on how you wear the rest of your clothes. A pajama set is usually enough for a romantic evening in with a partner, but a full sleepwear set can be worn in other ways throughout the day or even throughout the week. It all depends on your own personal taste!

If you want to have a lovely pajama set, but also want to make sure it is easy to care for, you might consider investing in a lace-trimmed silk-satin nightgown instead. Silk-satin is a delicate fabric that holds in heat and offers a smooth look under clothing. These types of pajamas often come with an additional lining to help keep them cool on the coldest nights. You can wash these silk pajama set like any other sleepwear, and because they are very lightweight, they are great for warm weather travel.

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Your lace-trimmed pajamas will also look especially beautiful on a special silk pajama set that features a shirred content. Many people choose to purchase matching silk pajamas sets for their husband, night stand, and dresser. Once again, there are many different looks you can achieve by combining complementary fabrics and styles. You can create a simple bedtime set that features coordinated silk and satin, or create a spectacular ensemble for relaxing evenings at home that combines silk pajama set with cashmere blankets.

One thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing a matching lingerie set is that it is important that the colors and styles contrast well. So if you choose to pair your silky satin pajamas with shorts made from cashmere, the colors must also be in similar shades. For instance, if you select red shorts for your silk pajama set, you should try to have red tops and dark red bottoms as well. Again, the colors should not be too extreme or they will distract from the look you are trying to achieve.