How to Design the Best Work Uniforms That Your Employees and Customers Love

Juliet D'cruz

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If you’re thinking about starting a new business—or you’re keen to refresh your existing one—you may be wondering about uniforms. The clothes your employees wear might seem trivial, but uniforms play a critical role in branding and building your company’s reputation.

The uniforms you choose should be comfortable and practical for your employees while benefiting customers, too.

So, how can you design work uniforms both your customers and employees will love? Read on to find out!

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  • Create a recognisable brand

The main purpose of a company uniform is to help people identify your employees. For example, customers shopping in a store might look for a uniformed employee to ask for assistance, while high-vis uniforms indicate a construction or other trade industry worker.

When designing your uniforms, it’s crucial to create a recognisable brand. You can achieve this by using your brand’s colours or including an embroidered logo. 

Uniforms should also tell your brand’s story. For example, an office worker’s uniform should generally give off an air of professionalism. Clean, minimal looks are common—but adding some personal flair is a great idea, too!

Essentially, the idea is for customers to instantly recognise your brand and understand what your company is all about when they see an employee in uniform.    

  • Focus on comfort

For your employees, comfort is key. Make sure the uniform you choose is comfortable, practical, and suited for weather conditions. 

Employees should be able to move freely and complete their work without being restricted by their uniforms. For example, a bulky, oversized jacket or too-tight shirt could limit an employee’s movement, make them uncomfortable, and tank their productivity!

  • Keep it simple

You’ve all heard about the KISS principle—but did you know it applies to uniforms, too? Unless they’re distinctive to your brand, loud patterns and complicated designs can confuse or put off potential customers. Your employees might also feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothing styles.

Choosing a simple, universally appealing design is the best way to keep your customers and employees happy across the board.  

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  • Offer variations

Offering just one uniform option is a surefire way to make your employees unhappy! Instead, offer variations.

Options could include long or short-sleeve varieties, different jacket materials, and warmer or cooler options depending on the day’s temperature and the employee’s preference. It’s also essential to offer multiple footwear choices—especially for employees who work on their feet.

Remember, every employee is different and uniform preferences can vary widely. Adding a range of options will ensure your employees feel comfortable and ready to take on the day.


There are several points to consider when designing work uniforms, including comfort, branding, practicality, and recognition. It’s best to choose uniforms that your employees are happy to wear. Ensure the uniforms are comfortable, weather-appropriate, and don’t impact your employees’ ability to work.   

From your customer’s point of view, your uniforms should make your brand clear, helping customers recognise your employees when they need assistance. Uniforms should also be simple, clean, and tell a story about your business.