Significant Things To Follow for an Effective Product Tour 

Juliet D'cruz

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There is no doubt that product tours can indeed be really effective tools for helping users better orient inside your product. In case it is done right, they can even serve as a proper introduction for new users. Moreover, the tour can show the product UI and aid the users come nearer to understanding how all the things work.

However, remember that if done wrong, product tours can actually trigger the user to get disappointed from your product and to finally leave it. Of course, you can check out different great Product tour examples and get an idea about how they work.  But here, in this post, there are a couple of things that you might wish to take into consideration before designing a good and effective product tour UI.  Have a look at some points in this post and you would have a good understanding about what to do.

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Find out who your users are!

Products can always be different and it all relies on the type of product you are trying to present and the audience too. It always matters who is going to get the product from you.  So, in some instances , a long product tour that is packed with action-driven tooltips and diverse UI patterns could work quite well. But in other instances , the potential users might not wish to be assisted or guided a lot. So ensure you take your audience into your consideration. You cannot simply be one hundred percent objective about your product but at least you can take such things into consideration:

Proper Functionality

You must ask yourself some questions like:

  • Are there a lot of things out that you need to do inside the application?
  • Is it an app having simply one main functionality or it is something more complex?

In case you are offering a lot of functionalities, then it could be OK to own a more detailed product tour.

Pay attention to the UI

Well, do you feel that your product is UI unique? Sometimes it aids and sometimes it simply doesn’t help the users to circumnavigate through the app. But in case the UI is unique anyways, then you may wish to teach a  couple of things about it to the users before they even begin. 

Users matter 

Now, make sure that you ask yourself the below given questions:

  • Do you think your users are actually motivated and excited about trying your product?
  • Have you actually marketed the right audience to get to try your product?

Remember that the more engaged the users are, the better they will try to take out of your product tour. But make sure that you do not really skip to take into consideration the proper tech-savviness of your users. As an example, millennials are quite much tech-savvy. Young adult users appear to depend heavily on hovering as a strategy to simply decide click ability. This is just a simple example of how diverse types of user behaviour can be relying on their age. So, ensure you do your research before you work on the product UI.

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Pick the right UI pattern

There are always people who choose to use tooltips, and some people are there who use short video tutorials, remaining use modal windows or that of even hotspots to take product tours they have to the next level.

Remember, it is absolutely up to you to decide which type of pattern to choose and which tools to simply blend up or combine with what. Certainly, you require to do all of this keeping in mind the things already mentioned above namely the product functionalities and the potential users. After all no matter what type of designs, patterns or layouts you use in your tour, if it is not connecting with the user, it would not be effective. Also, there is no point of assuming that your would-be users are absolutely a pro at technology. So, keep tings simpler and understandable.


So, once you implement the discussed things, you surely would get a product tour that works wonderfully. After all, a product tour can open up a whole new world of understanding for your users. And once you have informed type of users, they would incline towards you in future too.