Challenges for Quality Education in the times of Pandemic

Juliet D'cruz

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We all have been well aware of the pandemic’s damages caused to us. The damage done is something humans cannot forget. It affected and crippled almost every sector of development. The education sector has also suffered many challenges and has fought against the uncertainties that persisted throughout 2020. The online learning programs were implemented at enormous scales across the globe, especially within a developing country like India, where a perfect population and learners are associated with and inhabitants of the rural community. 

But, with time, Online teaching has remained the only option left if one has to bring back India’s education sector on Track. With the combined efforts of educational technology companies, researchers, analysts, and government officials, the ubiquitous spread of these Online learning methods are possible. 

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Before introducing online teaching methods for students all across the nation, the country was fighting challenges that lockdown and eventually pandemics imposed on the people. These problems are associated with the industry in a way or another. But one thing which the pandemic taught us is to be confident and unite against all the odd and to find hope in hopeless situations like the one we faced last year and this year as well. 

The pandemic caused the overnight shutdown of Schools, colleges, and universities, which created havoc and a sense of fear about the pandemic’s uncertainties on the students as they had no idea when their classes would start. 

But, with time, people realized that this pandemic would not stay for 21 days long strict lockdown; in fact, it only had begun from there, and thus there was a need to implement an alternative until things became normal before. 

All You Need to Know About Online Teaching 

The introduction of online teaching programs relieved students who were uncertain about their careers and thus tried to overcome the losses that the pandemic imposed on the sector. 

The method of learning that started as an alternative practice to traditional physical classes sought attention and popularity with its amazing methods of imparting education and enriching the academic content by introducing different learning styles into their methods and programs. 

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Although this form of learning was already there persisted pre-pandemic, it got the recognition it always has deserved through these times. Things were stagnant till the invention of education apps. 

The technology-focused on making the present form of learning methods interesting, creative, and result-oriented as they had this idea of sustainability potential that this teaching model possessed. 

Educational apps made it possible for the students to gather the best academic content online and then prepare notes for themselves, which is good for studies and eco-friendly. 

Online mode of education taught students to become less dependent on paper to make notes, where they can prepare pdfs or Presentations of the topic. It introduced them to the benefits of preparing their notes in these forms, where they can also update any facts or figures in the future. 

It would not have been possible for the students to come out of the crisis alone. Educators and their immense efforts motivated the students to carry on with the mode of education.

Educational apps were to contain various academic content in presentations and slide shares. It also has tools to analyze each student’s performance based on the score they scored in the test they sought students to participate in and the number of hours they devote to studies. 

It has made it possible for those who thought of themselves as not a “Math-person” to participate in Math Puzzles and different quiz competitions that these apps contain to motivate these students to participate in and practice better to learn the skills effectively. 

Online teaching or education has helped humanity cover for the losses that the pandemic imposed on the education sector and those students who desire to study and deserve support on such matters.