Capture an Initial Moment and First Cute Smile of Your Baby in Camera:

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Baby Photography Bracknell:

Don’t leave the house with your new baby -Tunde Kugler Photography carries the entire Baby Photography Bracknell studio with a variability of props to you! Enjoy the excellence of a studio, but the suitability of your home! Tunde Kugler Photography is a newborn photography service capturing lovely portraits of your baby’s first days in the wellbeing and luxury of your home.

Your guide to a Post-Lockdown Baby Photography Bracknell with photographer Tunde Kugler Photography:

We’ve all just survived through one of the creepiest, strangest times in history, and just to top it all off, you just have a baby! Well, initially, congratulations! But as we all regulate to our innovative normal, your thoughts might be rotating to doing all those things you prearranged to do before the Corona virus swept over the world, and one of those possessions might be to capture some recollections. As a Baby Photography Bracknell, I just needed to answer a few queries you might have and talk you over how things look for a baby photoshoot in our new regular world.

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Indoors or Outdoors:

When I first started posterior doing baby photoshoots, it was outdoors only and boy have I been loving the outcomes. So much so that I’m profitable to keep this as a part of my offering enduringly. There’s just something about being out in nature that bounces such a natural, relaxed vibe to the photographs. Don’t you approve?

Though, now that limitations have lifted a bit more, I’m now able to bid on in-home baby sessions as well so you can have the choice of what you desire. It’s also thinkable to do a blend of indoor and outdoor if you’d choose to chiefly be outside but have a few shots engaged in your home also. All the pictures were taken outside so it’s conceivable to achieve a good assortment of images outdoors. We can organize a chat to discuss how we can make your shoot tailored to you.

Safety First:

I’m very aware of lessening any possible risk of supper throughout all my sessions, particularly where babies are tangled. My style is very comfortable and natural which gives itself to keeping my distance anyhow. Most of the time throughout your session you will be cuddled up caressing and kissing your baby and I will be well over 2 meters away.

For baby-alone photographs, I follow a baby-led posing viewpoint which includes very little contact with the baby, and whensoever I am anyplace near the baby, I will be wearing a mask and will clean my hands.

All my blankets, wraps, and baskets will still be obtainable for your use and are cleaned between every session (I do this well as standard, even before Corona), but if you’d relatively, you are welcome to use your blankets, and essentially, I love it when the baby has a special blanket that comes to be used for photos.

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Help – I lost out on newborn photos:

If your baby was born a pair of months ago, when we were in complete lockdown, you might be feeling like you missed out on Newborn Photographer Hampshire. Though, three months or older is a fanciful age for baby photos, as their little personalities are starting to express this age. Also, two little words that will make you so happy you waited – baby leers!! Capturing a beautiful photo of those baby smiles and sniggers will make the wait all valuable!

You can discover a bit more about what to imagine from a Baby Photography Bracknell and how to book your shoot here and if you have any more queries or you would like to contact me to start scheduling your shoot, click the button to drop a line and send me a message.


Prepared for a Cake Smash!! Let’s organize it! I offer the cake and the decor – all you want to bring is the baby! When you reach the studio, we will start photographing your baby without the cake…that way if they don’t like the cake, we still have heaps of great baby pictures.  In this session, the baby loved the session but wasn’t silly about the cake.