Things to Know About Flood Insurance in NJ

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When most people think of flooding, they assume that only southern states like Louisiana, Texas, and Florida are affected. However, other states in the northern part of America—like New Jersey—face threats of flooding as well.

If you live in this area you may be wondering if flood insurance in NJ is necessary. Well, we’ll provide that answer in the content below. Here are some things you should know about flood insurance coverage in NJ.

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Is Flood Insurance Necessary in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey does not require homeowners to have flood insurance. However, there are some instances in which adding flood protection to your home insurance is a smart idea. Here are some situations in which you could benefit from flood insurance in NJ:

  • Your home mortgage lender requires it
  • You live in a high-risk flood area with a government mortgage
  • You live in a high-risk flood area and required federal disaster assistance in the past

Even if your home has never been affected by a flood, and it’s not mandatory by your lender, you should still consider it.

In fact, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, about 25 percent of all flood insurance claims come from areas that have low to mild flood risk. Unfortunately, basic homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding. You have to add it to your policy.

Flood Zones in New Jersey

Understanding the flood zones in New Jersey will help you determine the likelihood of your home getting hit by a flood:

Zone A: Has about a one percent chance or more of yearly flooding.

Zone AE:  Replaces the former A zones and has a one percent risk or more of flooding.

Zones AH: Has one percent or more risk of yearly flooding, and usually averages about one to three feet of flood depth.

Zone AR: Temporarily increases flood risk due to consistent restoration of the Flood Protection System.

Zone A99: Has one percent or more chance of yearly flooding, but it’s covered by the Federal Flood Protection System.

Zone V: Located in the coastal areas and has one percent or more chance of flooding and storm-induced waves.

Zone VE, V1-V30: These zones are in coastal areas and have one percent or more flood risk in addition to storm-induced waves. zone VE replaces the former numbered V zones.

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Zone D: Has an undetermined flood risk

Zone X: If it’s shaded, it replaces zone B and has a moderate flood risk. If it’s unshaded, it replaces zone C and has a minor flood risk.

If you want flood protection for your home, reach out to McMahon insurance agency.

Flood Insurance in NJ

As you can see, getting flood insurance in NJ is a smart idea. Whether you live in a low-risk area or not, disaster can strike at any time.

The problem with flooding is that it does a lot of damage, and it’s not always something that can be paid for out of pocket. However, if you have the proper coverage, you can get your property repaired with ease.

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