8 SEO Practices To Follow In 2021

Juliet D'cruz

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8 SEO Practices To Follow In 2021. Explore the blog to know more.


SEO practices are necessary for those looking to engage with their target audience while increasing their search engine rankings. While many do manage to get good rankings, they fail to get reasonable conversion rates. This is because most visitors visit the homepage and do not bother to investigate further into any website. This makes you lose valuable potential customers and leads to a decrease in your sales.

So, you want your visitor to convert to your potential customer, increase your reach and SEO rankings, then here are 8 SEO practices that you should keep practicing time and again to ensure the success of your website. 

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8 SEO Practices To Follow In 2021

  • Aligning Your Content With the Search Intent 

While curating content for your website, we suggest keeping in mind your target audience’s search intent. It refers to the specific needs and demands that might arise, leading them to search for those particular products and services. We suggest including content with relevance to these search intent and with valuable keywords. 

  • Include Catchy Meta Description and Title Tag 

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good meta description and title tags. A crisp, small meta description with a relevant keyword can drastically improve your website traffic. A good meta description or title tag will provide a brief insight into what your content has to offer. This can encourage your visitors to take a thorough look at your website, thus increasing engagement.

  • Increase Web Page Speed

Your website page should have good browsing speed. There should be no buffering or lags while loading your site. If it takes too long to load every web page, visitors who visit homepage will not stay back to browse through other pages and look at what you have to offer. Having a fast web page ensures your visitors get a thorough look at your website, find what they are looking for, and become potential customers.  

  • Optimize Image Search 

Many use visual search to look for certain products and services. Thus, if you are not optimizing your image search, we suggest looking into it. You can use relevant images with reduced image size and sitemaps to get your audience to notice your page. 

  • Engage Internal Linking

You should engage in internal linking to help your target audience access more content from your website. You should provide links of relevant, similar, or supporting content on every web page to ensure that your visitor can see everything your website has to offer.  

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  • Include Keyword in Content And URL 

Anyone who has used SEO at any point during the set-up or improvement of their website knows how important keywords and keyword phrases are for the progress of one’s website rankings. While most are under the assumption that these keywords are to be used only in the content, we tell you that you should include them in URL links. This will help in search optimization for your website and bring your target audience to visit. 

  • Make A User-Friendly Website 

Having a user-friendly website is the key to the success of your website. You should ensure that your website works on phones. Laptops, and tablets so that it is accessible to more and more potential customers. We suggest upgrading your website time and again to ensure it has all the latest improvements and becomes handy to use and maneuver. 


Thus we can conclude that the practices mentioned earlier are essential to the success of any business, whether big or small. While they do take some time getting used to and showing promising results, it can be assured that SEO practices are worth the trouble. They ensure your rankings increase on search engines, your visitors visit homepage and become potential customers. We hope these SEO practices help you bring success to your website and help you gain valuable customers.