5 Tips to Improve Your Lesson Plan

Juliet D'cruz

Updated on:

Creating an education lesson plan isn’t easy. Whether you’re a new or veteran teacher, it always feels daunting. 

Especially when you need additional methods to excite your students. Yet, there are ways to create engaging plans for students of any age. Here are 5 tips to improve your lesson plan.

  • Implement Hands-On Opportunities

Classrooms of the past lacked energy. Little back-and-forth took place between teachers and students. This has changed over the decades as more educators turn to hands-on opportunities to motivate their students.

Take 7th grade science as an example. This is a period of middle school where kids are old enough to participate in hands-on opportunities. Not only can it forge a connection between a student and teacher. It also gives the kids a chance to work together as a unit to solve a problem.

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  • Increase Peer-to-Peer Connections

You can be more than a teacher in your classroom. You can also be a facilitator. In other words, you encourage conversation among students concerning an assignment.

Your lesson plans need to include these moments several times a day. It doesn’t matter the age range of your students. Whether they’re five or 15, getting them together to discuss a task or problem-solve an issue opens their minds. Furthermore, it gives students with different learning capabilities a means to connect.

  • Relate the Plan to Real Life Situations

Here, you work backward in your lesson plan. First, you follow the district and school guidelines to incorporate the required educational items. When that’s done, you go back and insert additional items that relate to situations that occur in real life.

For an example of this type of curriculum look at example plans from International Baccalaureate (IB) teachers. Normally, they utilize STEM as the foundation. Then, they incorporate everyday situations into them. For instance, during a math segment, you might discuss how to write a check or budget a household.

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  • Expand Beyond Traditional Education

Comprehensive lesson plans are great. However, if your students don’t feel engaged by what’s taught, then it’s nothing but words on paper. You have to break traditional bounds to make the plans actually teach lessons.

Take the history you teach. An event that is related to your lesson either took place near your school or the region was affected by the situation. Field trips to these locations help your students build an image in their minds. They take what they see in the present and add elements to visualize what happened in the past.

  • Utilize Other Resources

Don’t rely on previous materials to create lesson plans. Look at other educational recourses that you feel will pique the interest of your students. Find other angles related to historical events and material that connect them to present-day issues. Search for articles about recent discoveries in math or science.

In the end, applying these 5 tips to improve your lesson plan helps you have a successful year with engaged students.