Restaurant Design 101: How to Increase Your Restaurant’s Visual Appeal

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that 45 percent of diners go out to eat multiple times during the week in the United States? This means that it is vital to the success of your restaurant that you prioritize restaurant design. Everything from restaurant seating and table arrangement to your design scheme has an impact on the diner experience.

Creating a unique and special atmosphere at your restaurant will help your restaurant stand out from the rest and keep diners coming back week after week. This means that you need to design with personality while also keeping a clean looking restaurant.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for help with your restaurant design. Continue reading to learn all about creating that visual appeal you want for your restaurant today.

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Improving Your Restaurant Design

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an established restaurant or starting a new one, restaurant design is your restaurant’s first impression on every diner that walks through your doors. You want to create an environment that makes them feel comfortable and confident that they’re about to have a positive dining experience.

There are a variety of changes that you should make in order to keep your existing customers and get new ones into your restaurant. Maybe your menus are in need of a revamp or maybe you don’t have good lighting on the floor of your restaurant. It is difficult knowing where to begin when you start your restaurant design. You need to find a table arrangement and layout you like first.

Pick a Layout

Before you start making physical changes to your restaurant you should draw up some plans of what you’re picturing for your restaurant’s layout and design. This is where table arrangement becomes critical.

Your layout should take into account the amount of space you have to work with and how you’d like the furniture set up in the dining areas. Do your best to maximize the areas that you have near windows as this gives the diners the best view. You also need to have clear paths for diners and servers to travel on when moving around the restaurant.

Make The Entrance Stunning

One way to keep the interest of a new diner in your restaurant is by creating an eye-catching entrance to your restaurant. Do your best to design and create a memorable and classy entrance and have your restaurant’s name and logo on prominent display in the entrance.

You should also make sure that your restaurant’s entrance matches the theme in the dining area. If your restaurant is a sports bar then perhaps you should have sports memorabilia from local athletes and teams at the entrance. If you’re serving Italian food then decorate your entrance with things that proudly display Italian culture and heritage.

Install a Stereo System

One of the big things that really takes the dining experience to the next level for customers is having music in your restaurant. While one big speaker will get the job done, it might be obnoxious to the people sitting closest to it.

Instead, consider getting a modern stereo system installed in your restaurant. This allows your speakers to blend into the walls or ceilings and it balances the volume of the music so that it is comfortably in the background for the diners to enjoy while they eat.

Add Plants to the Dining Area

Adding plants is a great move to any dining area of a restaurant because it provides a nice splash of color and life. You should consider using fake pants rather than a real alternative for a variety of reasons.

Real plants are expensive and difficult to maintain, especially in an indoor setting. Real plants might also cause allergies for your diners. Investing in fake plants that look real will save you effort on keeping real plants alive while also keeping your customers safe. They can also make a mess which would require you to use a maid service for cleaning.

If you’re set on having real plants in your restaurant then you should consider plants like succulents. Succulents don’t require a ton of light or water and they also don’t produce any odors that conflict with the smell of your food.

Add Artwork to Your Walls

Hanging artwork on the walls of your dining area is another way to add to the classy feel while adding a touch of color to your design scheme. You should consider using artwork from local artists while giving diners the option to buy any of these works of art that they like.

This provides a double whammy of putting beautiful art on the walls of your restaurant while also creating close bonds with the local art community in your town.

Use Your Light Right

There are many things you can do with your lights to change the restaurant’s atmosphere. Adding more light creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for diners. If you want your restaurant to have a more intimate and romantic feeling to it then you should consider using dim lights rather than bright lights.

You also shouldn’t rule out using candles in your restaurant for an especially romantic atmosphere for your diners.

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Design a New Menu

Your menu says a lot about your restaurant. An easy-to-read menu makes for a better experience for your diners but it also is another way to show the professionalism of your restaurant. Old and dirty menus might turn off diners that would otherwise choose to dine at your restaurant.

There are plenty of computer programs available that will help you design a new and modern menu and print it out to replace your old ones. This is a great way to create a new menu that matches your restaurant’s theme and decor.

Revamp Your Restaurant Design

There are a number of options available to your when you decide to revamp your restaurant design. Designing a new menu is a small but important way to add more class to your restaurant. You should also decide which type of atmosphere you want to create with your restaurant’s lighting and music. Consider adding some fake plants or succulents to your dining area for more color.

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