Five Common Misconceptions About Hair Extensions

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Do hair extensions damage your hair?

We all enjoy pampering our hair and experimenting with new and different hairstyles to freshen up our appearance. Hair extensions are popular among women. They provide dramatic volume and length to hair and come in various colors, textures, and kinds. Hair extensions can create fake bangs, lengthen a short haircut, or dress up a limp mane. However, many of us have crazy perceptions about extensions, which hold us back and make us hesitant to use them. Be a newbie or an old friend, some of us still have misconceptions about hair extensions that are not true. If you still have concerns regarding hair extensions, we will reveal the facts and clarify five misconceptions in this blog.

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Misconception 1: Hair Extensions Damage Natural Hair

Hair extensions do not damage natural hair

This is a myth concerning hair extensions: they would leave you with damaged, broken, thin, and delicate hair. Temporary hair extensions, such as clip-ins or halos, are the safest solutions in the hair extension business because they don’t require any adhesive or heat to apply, and you can remove them any time to let your hair breathe.

You can use hair extensions daily, but it would be better to reserve for days when you want to add length and thickness. On the other hand, hair extensions will cause no damage to your hair if you apply, remove, and care for them appropriately.

Don’t get us wrong: Permanent Hair Extensions can create these issues if they’re applied incorrectly or mistreated at home. These styles involve adhesives, which can generate stress on your cuticles, which causes your hair to thin down. However, tape and weft hair extensions are the safest options among permanent varieties. Since they are placed using tape or a beaded track, they can pose a small risk of damage to the roots of your hair due to the constant pressure and irritation on the hair shafts. Your hair, on the other hand, should remain damage-free if applied correctly by professionals.

Misconception 2: Hair Extensions are High Maintenance

Truth: Hair extensions are low maintenance

You can get Hair Extensions Online without visiting a hair store, and fortunately, you can maintain them at home. If you take proper care of your hair extensions, they will behave similarly to your natural hair. In the end, it all depends on how you treat them. Hair extensions don’t get the same nutrients and hydration as your natural hair because they aren’t attached to your scalp. As a result, they won’t grow oily very quickly, which means you won’t have to wash them as often.

The hydration that was infused deep into your hair extensions throughout the manufacturing process will not be washed away by reducing the number of times you wash your extensions. However, this does not apply if you have permanent hair extensions, which require you to rehydrate them every time you wash your hair. When you wash your hair extensions frequently, it loses silkiness, softness, and smoothness.

Hair extensions become high maintenance only when you stop caring for them properly; otherwise, they don’t require much more than a simple care routine, including the occasional wash. Please remember to brush your hair extension and use organic products to maintain its natural sheen and luster!

Misconception 3: Hair Extensions will Cause Discomfort and Headaches

Hair extensions are comfortable to wear

Although this myth is partially incorrect, it does contain certain truths. The truth is that you’re adding weight to your hair because hair extensions are just that extra weight, and they can feel heavier than normal at times. If you’re new to applying hair extensions, such as clip-ins, you may experience pain while wearing them, which may result in headaches. The heaviness and headaches occur due to the extensions pulling on your hair and putting pressure on it. Headaches and discomfort also occur when you use several wefts of high-density extensions.

On the other hand, hair extensions will cause you no discomfort and no headaches if you know how many wefts and how to wear them. After some time, you get the hang of it, and you can avoid discomforts and headaches. You may always get clip-in extensions and start with a few wefts before gradually adding more.

Apart from clip-ins, halo Hair Extensions For Women are also beginner-friendly. Order a high-quality halo hair extension online, consisting of one huge weft sewed onto a tiny wire. If placed correctly, the nylon wire will lay flat on your head and be comfortable, not to mention that halos will cause no damage to your hair.

Misconception 4: Hair Extensions are Only For Thin and Short Hair

Hair extensions for short hair is a myth

It is a common misconception that hair extension are only meant for people with short and fine hair. Most women with short and fine hair use hair extensions, but it doesn’t mean that extensions are specifically designed for them. Hair extensions are excellent for adding ample volume and length, which greatly benefit women. With thicker and longer tresses, you have tons of styling options.

Hair extensions come in a variety of styles, lengths, cuts, and volumes, ensuring something to suit any hair type. When considering them for yourself, having thin and short hair should not be the only deciding element. Instead, you can use hair extensions to flaunt a beautiful hairstyle. Hair extensions for short hair are a complete misconception, which discourages women from flaunting voluminous long hair.

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Misconception 5: Hair Extensions Affects the Growth of Your Hair

Hair extensions do not affect hair growth

Consider this a rumor or a misconception because hair extensions have zero negative effects on hair growth. Your hair will grow as usual whether you use hair extensions or not. Human hair grows half an inch per month for every average human. Even after wearing extensions daily, your natural hair will grow half an inch every month. Some think that extensions affect hair growth since the extensions are attached to the roots of your natural hair. Attaching extensions to the roots of your natural hair may cause a tiny bit of stress, but it will never stop, slow down or affect hair growth. Instead, extensions work as a perfect substitute while your hair is in the growth phase. If you have short hair, you can use long and thick extensions to wear magnificent hairstyles.

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If you hold on to these misconceptions about hair extensions, you will never get the opportunity to have voluminous long hair. You might have heard these crazy ideas somewhere or seen them on the web, but it is not true! These are five myths that most women believe regarding hair extensions. Instead, hair extensions could be your best friend to flaunt Simple Hairstyle with ample thickness and volume.