Parents Should Choose Disciplining Instead of Punishing

Juliet D'cruz

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Parents Should Choose Disciplining Instead of Punishing

All parents want to induce discipline in their kid but it becomes very difficult for them to do it. It is so because kids never like to be under the control of anyone, whether tutor or parents. But the real problem is often parents forget that the real meaning of inducing discipline in the kids is to make them wise enough to differentiate between good and bad. But being stressed and unable to handle the tough situation parents cross their limits and start punishing the kids. According to school LMS which can also be called school learning management system, discipline can’t always be constant. Instead its traits change according to the situation and students as well as parents need to adapt according to changes happening. For example, there was a time when kids used to keep a mum in front of the father but gradually the scenario changed and the definition of discipline also changed. Now fathers are very friendly with their children and kids share everything with them. Now parameters of discipline have changed completely so, parents also need to be innovative and progressive with time and should leave their conservative mode of following discipline to nurture a gentleman in their kid instead of a scared mouse having no confidence level at all.

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In order to induce or invoke discipline usually parents use robust behavior which is completely wrong. We can see or hear condemning their child in front of people and telling them that he or she is real pain in the head. But according to school LMS or we can say school learning management system, parents should never neglect the good behavior of the kids also. Kids don’t want a big reward- a hug, a verbal praise or a simple smile on their any good work they do is enough to encourage them do such good things in coming future. This can be understood by the parents by taking it on themselves that they also feel very good when praised in office for their good performance. Appreciation makes kids feel proud in their choices and decisions they make and so they become conscious and always choose good things in their decisions. Kids’ mental growth depends on the reaction of the parents and guardians on their actions. If kids are given proper appreciation, then they will obey their elders and their parents always. 

Apart from this, kids are not born magicians who can know what parents and others think therefore it is necessary for the parents to talk to their kids about what they expect them to do and how they expect them to behave. It is essential for the parents to let the kids know their expectations from them. Kids can cross the line when they are outside in a park or in a theater but as parents you need to elaborate to them what you expect them to do in the park or theater, then they will have an idea how to behave there outside. I remember the tough times of my childhood when my father used to tell me that “we don’t have enough money to buy everything you demand so kindly choose wisely what you want I market”. And I remember that to save my father from embarrassment I used to choose a balloon of Rs. 2 only and used to jump on the streets like I had got heaven. Discipline can be induced in the kids if as parents we elaborate to them good and bad behavior such as by explaining to them what they should do and what not at home or anywhere else. For example, if on the dinner table any edible item comes then the kid should be made understood that he should not pick up anything from there before the elders pick and he or she must offer the food to other people first before eating himself/herself.

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Parents need not to become dictators with kids and should never consider misbehaviors of the kid as sins instead those misbehaviors must be taken as mistakes only because those are mere kids. They should be given second chances to always correct their mistakes and to realize that they shouldn’t have done something like that. It is so because taking punitive action generates mutiny in the kid’s behavior but giving a second chance generates kindness and forgiveness in the child.