How Online Course Creators can Become more Productive 

Juliet D'cruz

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How Online Course Creators can Become more Productive 

With the advancements in science and technology,  platforms to create and sell online courses are increasing at a faster rate. To successfully create an online course, sell it effectively, and keep providing learners with quality academic services, online teachers need to possess and practice a variety of skills. 

One such skill is productivity for teachers. Productivity means completing the tasks and duties in the least amount of time. In simple words, productivity means how efficient one is to do high-quality work at a quick speed and make the most of the available time. Let us discuss some productivity tips for online course creators. 

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Need for productivity for online course creators 

Every online course creator aims to design an effective course, ensure high sales and generate maximum profit. To accomplish this, a lot of other tasks need to be done too. For example: 

  • Researching the course topic, and collecting the resources. 
  • Online course creation, promotion, and marketing. 
  • Enrollments and sales 
  • Conducting live sessions
  • Making videos, and recording lectures. 
  • Assessments 
  • Certificates, for course completion

All these tasks show us the duties and responsibilities of an online course teacher. To complete these tasks well in advance and keep a balance between work and personal life, productivity is the need of the hour for every online educator. 

Productivity tips for online course creators 

  1. Make a to-do list and prioritize

Teachers’ duties never end. At any time of the day, they have plenty of duties to perform. To do the work systematically, and effectively, online educators should first make a list of the tasks that need to be done. For example, take a sheet, and jot down the activities that you need to do tomorrow.

 This can include making videos, creating YouTube channel content, working on the course website, conducting a live session, etc. After making the list, the next step is prioritization. To prioritize means to see what needs to be done first, and what can be done later. Therefore all online course creators must prioritize the tasks and work accordingly. 

  1. Chose a proper workplace 

As in conventional teaching, teachers have proper classroom setups and staff rooms to do their teaching tasks properly, the same way a proper workplace is needed for online teachers too to stay productive. If you will record videos and lectures from a place that is noisy and has environmental disturbances, you will stay distracted and the quality of your content will also be affected. Then you have to re-film or re-shoot the videos. This can lead to time wastage. To stay a productive online teacher, make sure to teach from a distraction-free place. Keep the place tidy to avoid any confusion and delays. This will help you focus on your work well and finish it as quickly as possible. 

  1. Keep taking mini-breaks

To launch course, and keep producing quality content for students, teachers need to be productive. Working the whole day without any break won’t make you productive. Without breaks, continuous work causes fatigue, and the chances of making mistakes also increase. 

Working continuously decreases both the speed and efficiency of both. So make sure you balance rest and work. Take mini-breaks during work time. Even a short break is enough to make your mind and body rest and re-energize for quality further work. After one or two hours of working, don’t forget to take a break of fifteen to twenty minutes. Take a quick nap or have an energy-filled drink. 

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  1. Stay organized

Imagine your table filled with sheets, files, and gadgets all messed up. This can lead to confusion, errors, delays in work and feeling stuck. To stay productive, being organized is very important. Keep your workplace tidy. Only have the resources you need at that particular moment of work on your table. Minimize the paperwork and use digital applications for smart and error-free work. Break your big tasks into smaller sections. Fragmented working is quick and quite effective. 


Online course platforms are growing at a much faster rate. To make one’s online course successful, productivity skills are a must. By following the above-mentioned tips, which are prioritization, organization, proper workplace selection, and mini-breaks, online educators can enhance their productivity rate. This will help you to become more accountable, effective, and successful in your profession.