Learning yoga online- Poses that benefit children the most

Juliet D'cruz

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Learning yoga online is a delightful affair for little ones, particularly offering health benefits and abundant relaxation.


There is something really special about yoga for kids to say the least! There are several online yoga for kids programs offered by Yellow Class that you can check out in this regard. Of course, you will benefit from enrolling your little ones in a suitable yoga program without a doubt. As per studies, the earlier kids start doing yoga, the better for their mental and physical development alike. Popularity of yoga will keep going up amongst children and their parents alike. Studies also indicate how yoga enhances endurance, strength, balance and overall aerobic capacity. Psychological advantages include better self-esteem, memory, focus and classroom behavior. It also reduces symptoms like impulsivity and hyperactivity in children with attention deficit hyperactive disorders. 

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There are several beneficial yoga postures for kids that you should keep in mind. These include the following: 

  • Tabletop Pose- This is the starting point for many other poses like the cow pose and cat pose. Rest on the knees and hands, bring the knees around hip-width apart (feet should be in a line with the knees) and palms should be positioned under the shoulders with fingers that face forward and a flat back. 
  • Cat & Cow Pose- The cat pose is where children have to round the back and tuck their chin into their chest from the tabletop position. They have to sink their bellies towards the floor for the cow pose and arch their backs, looking upwards. You can alternate between these poses. 
  • Standing Forward Bend- Watch if your little one can grab his/her ankles while bending from the waist. They may bend the knees to make this slightly easier. This will stretch your calves, hamstrings and hips while boosting strength in the knees and thighs alike. 
  • Child’s Pose- This pose is suitably named and you have to sit back on your heels and bring your forehead down slowly in front of your knees. Rest your arms alongside your body. This pose will help in gently stretching out the thighs and hips while calming your child’s mind greatly. 

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  • Easier Pose- Children have to sit cross-legged, resting their hands on the knees. If the child has any difficulty in sitting flat, then prop him/her on a folded blanket or put a pillow underneath the hips. This pose will relax the kids while strengthening their backs greatly. 
  • Warrior II Pose- You have to put a foot back from the standing position and turn the same. The toes should face a little outwards. Raise up your arms, parallel towards the floor (an arm in front and one to the back). Bend your front knee while looking in front over the fingers. Reverse your feet and do this on the other side as well. This pose will boost strength, enabling a good stretch for your child’s legs and ankles. This will increase stamina greatly as well.