Know Your Rights: Why You Need a Drug Crime Lawyer to Fight Charges

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that someone in America gets arrested for drug possession every 25 seconds? In fact, the number of Americans arrested for possession has tripled since the year 1980.

If you are faced with a drug charge, you join this statistic. Although this is not an ideal situation for anyone, you can benefit from hiring a drug crime lawyer.

Read on to learn how an attorney can help you fight charges.

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Protects Your Rights

Working with a drug crime lawyer can help you protect your rights against the law. The legal system provides you with certain rights for defense protection to keep things fair.

Even though you have Constitutional Civil Rights, the legal system won’t jump through hoops to help you out. However, when you hire your own drug possession lawyer, they will outline these rights.

For a first time offender facing a drug charge, you have different rights than someone who has faced these same charges before.

Helps You Avoid Employment Discrimination

Hiring a drug lawyer can also help you avoid employment discrimination. When you get charged with a drug crime, the legal process will take some time to complete.

When faced with drug charges, it is common for people to experience discrimination from their employers. Potential civil problems can be prevented with the help of an established and professional drug lawyer.

Explains Plea Deal Conditions

A good criminal defense lawyer will only accept a plea deal if there is no other choice.

Before getting to a plea deal, a lawyer might be able to keep out evidence as a result of the government violating your rights. If this happens, the case will be dismissed right away. This could lead to the best plea deal possible.

Whether you accept the deal is up to you. A defense attorney cannot forbid you from taking the plea deal and instead should guide you through the process.

When you have an experienced lawyer at your hip, they will explain the ramifications of taking any plea deal. They also ensure that you know if you should take the case to trial or move on with a motion to suppress evidence.

Some people prefer to take the plea deal to avoid the stress of going through a trial. An experienced attorney will explain how taking a plea offer can affect your future.

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Prepares You for Possible Jail Time

An Orlando drug crime lawyer and any lawyer for that matter cannot keep you out of jail if you a charged for a major crime filled with evidence. However, they will help you prepare for the consequences.

These attorneys can help you and your family find legal ways to keep property that might otherwise be seized after the incarceration. This will help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Should You Hire a Drug Crime Lawyer?

If you are faced with drug charges, it is important to know your rights. One of your rights under the law is that you can hire your own drug crime lawyer.

A lawyer can protect you and your family during the legal process among other things. If you want the best help for your case, hire a drug crime lawyer right away.

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