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The Eaton VFD training curriculum is intended to not just introduce the product line and its benefits.


When customers decide to utilize Eaton’s line of variable frequency drive products, they are also included in access to Eaton’s extensive support, technical guidance and VFD training as well. The Eaton VFD training curriculum is intended to not just introduce the product line and its benefits, but to also bring customer personnel up to a full product technical competency, including the ability to troubleshoot challenges in installation and maintenance as well as how to make sure Eaton products and their connected systems are being used safely at all times.

The program provides a combination of learning paths, accommodating different learning styles, speeds and technical learning curves. Both distance learning in self-guided mode as well as instructor-led training are provided by Eaton for their VFD product line, including advancements, changes, upgrades and complex applications as well. One unique aspect that is very popular with training audiences includes guidance on VFD task applications as well as providing customer personnel additional options on how to use Eaton VFD that many may not be familiar with beyond their initial, primary interest. An extensive “how to” library is always available as well, 24/7 online.

While the Eaton product line is U.S. and Canada-based, designed for North American systems and similar, the product application and capability is International. European applications and support are also available and possible, highlighting the scope and scale of how flexible Eaton VFDs can be in the industrial system management market. Related educational materials are provided by Eaton to match.

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Course types include the following:

  • Introductory training – these classes are specifically designed for new personnel learning to work with and manage VFD equipment for the first time. The training goes through all the general applications, control, management and procedures for VFD applications. It’s a great channel for customers who bring on new personnel after Eaton VFDs are installed, and these personnel need to be brought up to speed quickly in their new roles.
  • Instructor-led training – for a more formal approach, usually applied in group situations where a number of staff need to be brought up to speed, Eaton offers VFD-specific classes designed for technical training as a group. Students are able to access the class online and an Eaton technical-expert instructor provides the entire educational program and content on a scheduled basis.
  • Specialized training – a hallmark of Eaton’s training commitment, the company provides specialized commissioning training in both industrial VFD commission for specific Eaton VFD drives as well as in HVAC VFD commissioning. Both course paths complete a comprehensive training path for personnel to manage VFD installs, commissioning and programming for Eaton SVX, DG1, HMX and DH1 product VFDs.

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There is no question that Eaton remains committed to its VFD customers, and Seagate Controls provides the direct access and technical support to the Eaton VFD product line for a variety of industrial applications. To find out more about how easily Eaton’s product support can be merged with your system adoption of VFD drives, our Seagate Control specialists can walk your team through each step and phase, answering all questions and information needs before onboarding.