How to Stage a House to Sell Quickly

Juliet D'cruz

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In 2020, despite mobility concerns, sheltering in place, and the pandemic, more than 6 million homes were sold. No doubt, they were using the tips we’ll give you to stage a house for selling fast.

Staging a house is one of the most important parts of selling your home, but it’s still one that many people neglect or do poorly. This means that homes will sit longer on their listing than they should and subsequently don’t get the dollar amount they ask for.

How can you get around that problem? Arm yourself with the best tips and follow them! Keep reading to see how you can do it today!

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Timeless Tips to Stage a House To Sell

You can order home staging services for a professional touch, but if you like to DIY things as many homeowners do, we have some tips for you to follow. View how you can FSBO or put your house for sale as “for sale by owner” if that DIY spirit is for you.

First, let’s list what the top tips are.

  • Keep your curb appeal high — including on Google streetview
  • Be welcoming on your porch, not intimidating
  • Keep your home spotless and tidy
  • Get rid of personal items and clutter
  • Get rid of your pet’s stuff
  • Clean your floors and rearrange your furniture
  • Go neutral in colors
  • Go for luxuriant lighting

If you plan on selling to someone who identifies as a straight male, you’ll probably not convince him with a bright pink bedroom. Likewise, a bachelor pad-styled home won’t often interest the other side of the spectrum. For this reason, it’s best to go gender-neutral, light, and airy with furnishings and colors.

It won’t take away from your female, male, or other identities by doing so — it’ll only sell your home faster by appealing to a broader range of people.

Boosting curb appeal is always mentioned for good reason. It’s the first impression, which matters most. Google Streetview is getting a lot of traction as the first impression now, which you don’t have much control over.

Therefore your best course of action is to boost your curb appeal now, even if you aren’t on the market yet. Get your curb appeal up and keep it up — starting today!

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It Isn’t Personal

Your goal with staging your home, in fact, is to appeal to as many people as possible. It isn’t to give your home the most stylish renovation or make your kitchen a commercial culinary delight. Your goal is to sell your home to whoever has the cash, no matter their gender, color, financial or educational background, or politics.

This is something people often forget as they walk people around their homes and go through closings. They want their home to go to a “good owner,” which often means someone they approve of.

It doesn’t matter who owns your home after you, you just want to sell it for the money and move on with your life as quickly as possible. Keep it business and don’t make it personal.

Staging a House to Sell

As you can see, when you stage a house, you have to consider more than the physical nature of the home but the appearances as well. Going more than skin deep, you need to leave your personality out of it and keep it strictly (although friendly) business.

Not ready to sell yet, or trying to find out about how you should sell your home? For more honest home sale advice, keep browsing our articles for the latest and best on the web!