10 Pure Cotton Shirts That Every Man  Should Have

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Level up your fashion game and make your style statement with these 

multiple types of Pure Cotton shirts for men we present to you in this article.

Shirts are the most elegant piece of attire for men to flair. Whether it’s a casual outing or an important office meeting, pure cotton shirts for men come in handy to set an excellent style statement. Feranoid is a brand that encourages the latest fashion trends with quirky and variant designs. It offers a wide and exclusive range of Pure cotton shirts online that will make people have a glance again at your look. Go and Checkout their Collection of Pure Cotton Shirts for Men, it will definitely catch your eye.

Many people do not know that there is more to pure cotton shirts than thet raditional formal look. Yes! The versatile part of your wardrobe can emulate ac lassy look in so many different ways. Thus, level up your fashion game to crackt he fashion code with these multiple types of shirts we present to you in this article.

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Pure Cotton Shirts Essential to The Wardrobe of Every Man!

  1. The Formal Shirt-

Are you ready to start your office day with a class? Formal shirts are always in-demand attire for men. Pure cotton shirts in a formal look with cut-away or semi-spread collars will give you a boost to start your work life in style! The pro-tip to carry them in a well-defined manner is to ace the pure cotton white shirts first and then move on to greys and pinks.

  1. Grandad Collar Shirt-

Every passing year, the granddad pure cotton shirts for men are gaining rising popularity in the men’s fashion wear. The collarless style has become a must-have piece for men, especially for the summer months. The pro-tip to carry them roguishly is to pick them in bright colors and pair them with jeans. The effortless casual shirting with flapping ties makes men look cool as well as outing-ready!

  1. The Dress Shirt-

These pure cotton shirts for men are one of the most sorted men’s styles. A smart dress shirt will be your partner in crime when you flaunt your bicep cuts in get-togethers. A dress shirt features french cuffs and a cutaway collar and is a standard no-brainer for famous celebs. In addition, the bib in the front of this type of shirt gives a super classy look when worn under a tuxedo.

  1. Cotton Twill Overshirt-

Like most pure cotton shirts, a cotton twill overshirt provides the best of comfort.

These oversized shirts are crafted with a smooth twill weave that gives a soft and supple texture. A straight-cut style with a regular collar, long sleeves, and two chest pockets are much popular among style-setting brands over the globe.

  1. The Flannel Shirt-

Flannel shirts are another trend of the town! Flannel is a material that shirt brands use to create pure cotton shirts or wool shirts. Mostly, the smooth texture shirts are available in quirky checks and other pretty prints. The raised texture of the fabric gives the wearer a premium feel and makes them save their flannel shirt for some special occasions.

  1. Plaid Shirts-

Plaid is a pattern that you will find on many flannel shirts. You might not be able to tell the difference between the two. But, don’t confuse yourself; there is no harm in buying both of the types of pure cotton shirts online! If you like plaid more, it’s because the crisscross-colored thread variety looks attractive on shirts.

So, get one for you now and leave your pals in awe for this trendy shirt.

  1. The Denim Shirt-

Pure cotton denim shirts rescue you with a clean look when you are in a hurry.

Where jeans as bottom wear is a staple, a complete denim look is a new charm in the fashion industry! The denim shirts have established a distinctive style as they are sustainable and look dapper even with a faded look. You can pair a dark blue denim shirt with either light blue or white denim to steal a designer look. The texture of a denim shirt adds an experimental but fun twist to the overall attire. To further crack the denim shirt code, you can layer it up on plain or graphic tees to curate a fun outfit. This way, it may also accentuate your pre-winter look!

  1. The Classic Slim White Shirt

Since ages, slim white shirts have been integral to gentlemen’s clothing. The versatility and timelessness of pure cotton shirts in white and completely enduring. This is why slim white shirts remain quintessential in the modern books of men’s fashion. A crisp and well-tailored slim white shirt will never let you say no!

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  1. The Camp Collared Short Sleeved Shirt-

These pure cotton shirts with short sleeves are a summer must-have! The solid sporting look with spread collars has a plethora of color and design options in the top brands. The breezy shirts paired with shorts will make you vacay-ready in just two minutes! To further jazz up the look, you can add loafers or sneakers beneath.

  1. The Linen Shirt-

Linen is another option to consider if you have enough pure cotton shirts in your wardrobe. The breathable and super-light fabric will become another favorite summer bonanza for you. The pastel linen shirts will not let your investment go in vain as they speak out elegance out loud! You can pair them up with jeans or khakis to exemplify the final look. So, relax on the hot days with these pretty and cool summer shirts.

So, now that you know all about the different styles of pure cotton shirts for men, select your favorite now according to your body type and fashion preferences.

You may get lured by multiple amazing options, but don’t forget to pick what suits you the best! Your style must focus on your personality, comfort and boost confidence. So, get set, and shop to renew your wardrobe!