How To Make An Attractive Slideshow Presentation: 8 Tips

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How To Make An Attractive Slideshow Presentation: 8 Tips

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a learner, if you need to learn the simple strategies to improve your slideshow presentation – this post gets you covered. Now that you are eager to learn the most attractive tips to create your slideshow, let’s first demonstrate a fact. 

89% of people have been using more slideshow presentations in the educational and business domain over yesteryears, which has contributed to the institutions’ and organizations’ success.

Now, what are slideshows, and how can they benefit your business or educational organization? To learn more on this front, let’s not waste further time.

A slideshow or slide presentation is a series of pages and pictures of information, often displayed on the bigger screen by using the video projector. According to its humble roots, the very first slides got pictured on pieces of glass and later on got replaced by photographic film slides in 1940.

With technological evolutions, overhead projectors started getting used to projecting the picture on the screen. These slides were built with transparent slide media that’s more or less equivalent to the size of the paper. 

Professional, educational institutes, and businesses use presentations to educate, inform, motivate and persuade external and internal audiences.

They also build presentations to drive more sales, train and implement them in internal communication programs. Using the power of words and images engages the audience, thereby retaining attention.

The question of who should use a slideshow is irrelevant because as long as your business or thought has a purpose, you can make the best use of slideshow presentations while using any online slideshow maker. From conveying art and scientific information to explaining things with pictures – it does it all.

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  1. Using Layout In The Right Way

The layout is a simple yet effective method to control the visual hierarchy and flow of information. Maximum western languages follow the left-to-right and top-to-bottom patterns. Placing the elements in the slide in such an order will help you direct the audiences’ eyes deliberately to some parts that should be more emphasized. 

What you can do is guide your prospects with some tweaks. You can alternate colors and fonts to distinguish the headlines. Don’t forget the importance of placements. There are multiple unorthodox ways to structure the slide, although most prospects will require taking some beats to organize information in their mind. So, place the elements in such a way that they don’t get confused while retaining information as they listen to your delivery.

  1. Don’t Write In Paragraph Format

Slides are visual notecards that reinforce and capture the fundamental ideas rather than a whole thought. As a narrator, you must deliver maximum content information in small sections and don’t put all the information on a single slide. When the audience is reading the presentation rather than listening to the delivery, the message isn’t that effective.

The best way to deliver content effectively is by trimming down the core message and using keywords to convey it. One must avoid complete sentences until and unless you are quoting something or someone.

  1. Use Simple Hues

Stick to simple dark and light colors. Exceptionally bright and beautiful texts may cause eye fatigue. Therefore, use the colors sparingly. The light background and dark texts or vice-versa combine pretty well. It’s better to refrain from intense gradients that can make texts complicated to read.

If you’re presenting your brand through the slideshow, you first need to check your company’s brand guidelines. Most of the time, companies have a prime brand color and a secondary brand hue. It’s a great idea to implement them in the presentation to blend with your brand’s style and identity. After that, use an online slideshow maker to create a stunning slideshow to impress the audience. 

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  1. Don’t Neglect the 6×6 Rule

A cardinal sin of a poor slide presentation is cramming excessive details on a single slide (as we discussed in a sub-head earlier). Doing so will complicate things, and people may face difficulty retaining information. The secret to powerful presentations is leaving white spaces on the slide so that people focus on the key aspects.

Do this by using the 6×6 rule, by which you can keep the content precise and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re a beginner and don’t know about this rule, you must use a maximum of six bullet points for each slide and six words for each bullet. Some professionals also follow the strict rule of keeping no more than six words for each slide!

  1. Choose 30pt or Larger Font Size

According to experts, font size must be a minimum of 30 pt. It ensures that the text is readable and, at the same time, forces you to include the most fundamental points of the message and explain it more efficiently.

  1. Never Overstyle

The most effective and easiest ways to draw attention to the text are:

  • Italics
  • Bold; and
  • A change in the color

In general, your eyes will only draw to things that are unique and stand out. Thus, use the changes sparingly. Don’t forget that over-styling would make the slide look distracting.

  1. Pick up the Right Images

Images used for your presentations are the most important aspect of delivering the right message. You must select images that support your message and elevate it. But how would you define the right image? Well, that depends on the trait and personality of your brand. For example, Red Bull uses bold images as its personality is adventurous and exciting. On the other hand, Tiffany & Co. uses soft images, as it reflects a more feminine and sophisticated personality.

So, here are the ideas for ideal presentation images:

  • Must be authentic
  • Should be inspirational
  • It needs to be relatable
  1. Be Illustrative Instead of Being Generic

The slide in question is everything about collaborating as one team. Naturally, you must look for images of individuals that meet in the boardroom. Going super literal is purely fine, and sometimes the images may fall flat.

But far too often, what’s literal may fail to connect to the audience on emotional fronts. And if your customers don’t find any emotional connection to the slideshow, do you seriously think your slideshow would work profitably? The answer is a simple NO.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the eight tips that can help you create killer slideshow presentations. Make sure to have a strong and brief opening and quickly go into the topic. Including some fun elements and humor is great for attracting the audience. Also, engage with the audience by asking some questions. Making mistakes is normal, particularly if this is your first time. Just accept it and go ahead.